Vastu tips for buying a new home during the festive season

Home buyers nowadays, consider Vastu as a prominent factor, when they select a home. Often, people avoid projects or apartments that do not comply with Vastu norms. This is especially true during the festive period, which is considered as an auspicious time to buy a property. The real estate market witnesses fresh supply, offers and discounts during the festive period and in such a situation, it may be difficult for home buyers to figure out the Vastu Shastra factors that one should take into account, before finalising the deal.

“Vastu is the study of energy, with the aim of making our lives happy, energetic, successful and prosperous. If the energy is not balanced, it may cause dullness, sorrow, health problems, business problems, financial distress, etc.,” says Vikash Sethi, promoter and CEO,

“The five directions in Vastu denote the five elements (i.e. Panchtatva). Everything in this universe is constituted of either or all of these five elements. Vastu aims to bring a proper balance of these five elements. So, if the Vastu of a house is proper, it will have a positive impact in our life,” he explains.

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