What is Dirty keto and how is it different from keto

1.  ​What is Dirty keto?

WHY IS DIRTY KETO? Just when we think that the hullabaloo surrounding keto is simmering down, a new keto trend comes into the scene. There is another variation to the diet and it’s called dirty keto. All you keto lovers, this article about dirty keto is a must read for you.

2. ​The basic difference

THE BASIC DIFFERENCE: All the principles of keto and dirty keto are same apart from one. Normal keto diet focuses on the macronutrients needed by your body and especially from where they come, which is not the case in dirty keto. With dirty keto, it doesn’t matter from where the macros are coming.

3. Dirty keto
DIRTY KETO: If you are following dirty keto, you can opt for more processed foods instead of avocados and olive oil. We have no idea from where the dirty keto originated but it has become popular very soon.In keto one is supposed to get his/her macros from healthy sources like saturated fats, healthy fats and other organic means and your body starts using fat as a form of energy (ketosis). In dirty keto, there is not much attention to be paid to the source from where the fat is coming. Dirty keto dieters do not pay much attention to vegetables and healthy source of fats and fibre.

4 .Is it healthy?

IS IT HEALTHY? The diet is definitely not healthy since what you are eating is mostly processed foods. Also, following keto increases your chances of getting keto flu and IBS (irritating bowel syndrome). And these processed foods obviously do not supplement your health and thus leave you feeling total crap.

5. ​Can dirty keto help you lose weight?

CAN DIRTY KETO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT? If you are in ketosis, you will definitely lose weight either you are following keto or dirty keto. But the source of calories does matter and that is why dirty keto doesn’t promote your health.

6. Verdict

VERDICT: Dirty keto is one temporary fix for weight loss. Though it does make you lose weight, there is no guarantee that the weight lost will not come back. In fact, people have reported that they gained back even more than what they’d lost while following the diet.

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