How to select a vastu expert?

He should have necessary skill sets. And you should check if he can use his knowledge to predict current status of various aspects of your life after looking at your existing house plan

Vastu has emerged as a preferred means of selecting the right property for many buyers – be it for the purpose of consumption or for the sake of investments. Most individual buyers prefer to know the direction of the door or the location of kitchen or the location of water closet if not anything else, in the house. There are many myths surrounding this stream of knowledge and there are many self-proclaimed experts of Vastu. Many of them end up making individuals believe that this is some super-complex thing. Many individuals end up spending thousands of rupees (if not lakhs) to understand the remedies offered by Vastu and further implement them. In some cases, it is done on the advice doled out by some half-learned self-proclaimed gurus. Such remedies only ruin the benefits offered by Vastu, forget improving them for the users.

Hence it is all the more important to understand whom you should consult for your doubts regarding your property. I am listing out some must have below while choosing a Vastu expert:

1- Vastu expert should be expert in structural designing , or he should know the basics of structural engineering. He may have a relevant education qualification or at least have taken some familiarization courses in these areas.
2- He should be well expert of elements balancing.
3- He should have fair knowledge of basic astrology and astronomy.
4- He should know basic geometric mathematics to calculate perfect angels of the land and directions.
5- He should be able to predict well in advance effect of good and bad Vastu with specific time periods.
6- Vastu expert should have capacity to calculate degree of sun rays in different seasons for door and windows
7- He should have capacity to judge good or bad land by predicating past history means any good or bad development after bought the land or flat
8- He should be able to predict immediate short term good or bad results before going to bring major change in house or factory
9 – He should be able to tell you all the past incidents and accidents in the house, by inspecting your house. He should be elaborate about them. If he is only offering hints, you should ask him to elaborate on such factors. For example, one may predict that there has to be an incidence of theft in the house due to structure of the house. The expert should offer reasoning for his prediction in clear words.
10- Good vastu expert should predict current status of health, wealth, approximate income and expenditure, mutual understanding among family members based on the map of the house in which the family stays.
11- His Vastu remedies should not be impossible to apply.

While many of the above factors are technical in nature and may not be verified by individuals, some of them can be applied do. For example the last three factors are easy and anyone can apply them. You can probe the Vastu expert on the current status of your health, wealth and family matters. You know the past of your house, if the Vastu expert can tell you these things in details, you can rely on him. One may argue that some of the incidences like theft, fire are reported in media and many are aware of them. But stressed relationship between husband and wife or a serious cash crunch in an otherwise ‘settled’ family is a very private affair and if you hear it from a Vastu expert based on his vastu logic, you are meeting the right guy for your queries.

The last point mentioned above is also important and many times becomes the make or break point for many expert-client relationship. There are instances where the experts have suggested remedies on half knowledge. For example, one may hear from an expert that the direction of the entrance door is incorrect and one has to change it in 180 degree. If the house is a flat in a building with three neighbours and there are doors on both side of the house, implementing such a remedy becomes almost impossible. Such remedies are of no use to the client.

Also there is a tendency of recommending high-cost remedies to extract money. Suggesting big changes in house is a typical remedy, which is done by some Vastu experts, who are interior designers or have a tie up with interior designers and architects. If the client declines such a remedy they are quick to suggest a relatively cheaper solution. Such experts should be summarily avoided. The remedy need not be cheap always, but it should be doable and more important should not disturb your house much but should bring in desirable changes in life.

While selecting a vastu expert one should not blindly follow the brand-names, instead should check how much value the experts can add to your life.

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