Google Chrome new version – Here is everything that’s new

To celebrate its 10th anniversary,  Google Chrome’s latest version ‘Chrome 69’ was launched by the tech giant earlier this month. The new version will precisely fill in addresses, passwords, credit card numbers into forms and save this details in a Google Account. With this upgrade, Google Chrome has got a better password manager which will automatically generate and suggest a strong password for websites when one signs up on them. After signing up, Chrome will save this password in the Google account and make it accessible both on desktop or laptop and mobile.

The new version also comes with an updated design that has rounded tabs, updated icons, tabs and a fresh colour palette and is obtainable on all devices. It is also available on the mobile platforms i.e. iOS and Android platforms.

Top 4 features in ‘Chrome 69’:

(1) A new look and a faster way to do anything:- With the latest update, a user will get redesigned tabs, easier password management and better search options.

(2) Quick answers in the address bar:- Google’s new upgradation will help an individual to find answers fast by entering details in the address bar.

(3) Protection from dangerous sites:- Google Chrome’s new version will protect one from facing security issues like phishing and dangerous sites.

(4) Go anywhere, do everything:- With the new version, one can switch between laptop and smartphone, an individual can customize the way they want.

How to update your Google Chrome:

On Computer:-

To update Google Chrome on the computer, an individual needs to follow a given process.

(1) Click on ‘Google Chrome’ icon on your desktop or laptop.
(2) Go to ‘More’ option located on the top-right.
(3) Click on ‘Update Google Chrome’.
(4) If the button ‘Update Google Chrome’, not available on your screen then you are on the latest version.
(5) If update available, then update it and restart the system to enjoy the latest version.

On Android:-

To install a new version on the Android phone, a user should follow the given process.

(1) Go to ‘Play Store app’.
(2) Go to the ‘Updates’ tab.
(3) Click on ‘Chrome’.
(4) After clicking on Chrome, a new page will display, where you can see ‘Update’options.
(5) After clicking on the ‘Update’ button, your Google Chrome will get the latest version.

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