8 ways you can kill your chances of getting a job


8 ways you can kill your chances of getting a job

You have applied for a job and are looking forward to it, but are you ready for the interview? Avoid the following as these will definitely kill your chances of getting a job.


Rushed resume

A hurried resume, with half the things missing, penned down notes, blurred print lands in the dustbin. It shows that you don’t care about the quality of your work and pay no attention to details.


Incomplete application form

They gave you a form and you used your worst handwriting, scratched out entire rows and re-wrote all in a corner or left it blank – you don’t follow directions and won’t complete the tasks assigned to you. You won’t be hired!


Crumbled or folded application/resume

Everything is fine but you decide to use the resume sheet as a napkin or rolled it into a ball and played catch with it or tore a corner to scribble something.


Who knows you better than your mom?

Putting in your relatives or friends as references might seem great because they know you best but they are biased. References need to have an objective stand about your work or experience.



Turning up like you just got out of bed or are going for a date makes you come across as inconsiderate towards your job and office and thus, firm grounds for passing you for the next candidate.



Aggressive, conceited and over-bearing attitude is not appreciated anywhere. You might want to come across as tough but you are just a non-compliant prospect for the company.



So, you are more interested in how many leaves you will get and what are the perks? You should focus on what responsibilities you will get rather than what is the relaxation period.


Did I write that? Is that true?

Not doing your research about the company or market, forgetting what you put on the resume – solid grounds for being shown the door. It probably means you lied or are not serious enough to be given responsibilities.

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