Soon, you may enjoy underwater high-speed rail travel between Mumbai & UAE

Like London to Paris undersea high-speed rail travel, Indians could also soon enjoy underwater ‘floating rail’ travel between UAE’s Fujairah town and Mumbai.

According to a Dubai-based Khaleej Times report, UAE-based company National Advisor Bureau plans to create an underwater rail network between Fujairah and Mumbai soon to supply high-speed rail travel between your two countries.

“It is a concept. We intend to connect Indian city of Mumbai with Fujairah through ultra-speed floating trains. The project aims to improve bilateral trade. You will have export of oil to India from Fujairah import and port of excess water from Narmada River, north of Mumbai. Furthermore, other GCC partners can improve export and import also,” Khaleej Times quoted National Advisor Bureau MD and chief consultant Abdulla Alshehhi as saying.

According to the report, the full total rail network will undoubtedly be around 2,000 km. From passenger transit apart, Alshehhi said you can find plans to facilitate the exchange of goods from India to UAE and export of oil by way of a pipeline aswell.

Floating trains or ‘Maglev’ use magnet repulsion system to go the ‘train’ at an excellent speed benefiting from having less friction. The high-speed Maglevs trains are under operations in China and Japan currently, but several countries like Australia, US, UK and israel have plans to introduce the rail system.

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