3 Things You Should Absolutely Carry For A Job Interview

Given the fierce competition all around, it’s the little things you do during a job interview that can really make you stand apart

Trying to secure a job you really want is a tedious process. It’s a tough world out there, and with multiple people applying and vying for the same position in the same company, a rather competitive one too. Given the fierce competition all around, it’s the little things you do during a job interview that can really make you stand apart and make you a winning contender in the eyes of the interviewer. If you’ve reached as far as the interview, there’s no doubt that you are a worthy candidate for the job – but remember, so is everyone else who has reached this far. Make your case stronger by showing up as well prepared as you can. Check for these three things before you head out the door. This is what could set you apart.

1. Company phone number

Although running late for an interview is far from ideal and should be the first thing on your list of things to avoid, life happens – and there are some things you just can’t prevent. The last thing you want, though, is to find yourself in a position where you’re not able to reach the place of your interview on time and not know how to inform the interviewer or the office that you’re running late.

Make sure to save the number of the point person or the person you’re going to interview with, as soon you have it. In case you’re running late, make sure to call them and inform them and possibly reschedule if need be – and make sure you have a good reason.

2. A Notebook with your own set of questions

In any interview, the interviewer will eventually ask you if you have any questions for them – and your answer should most definitely be a yes. You may think that seeming agreeable and having no questions at all seems like a good idea, but it’s not. It portrays you, in a sense, as lacking enthusiasm and curiosity for the role you’re looking to bag. That’s not exactly a great impression to leave.

Walk in for your interview with a prepared set of questions that you may ask the interviewer at the end of your conversation with them. Have your notes/questions jotted down on a notepad – this will give you a little bit of an edge over people who try to come up with questions last minute or ask no questions at all.

3. A pen

Don’t, we repeat, don’t, walk out of your house without a proper, working pen in your bag. This might seem like a minor thing to forget, but nothing makes you look more unprepared than not having a pen to make notes or write something down when the interviewer tells you something important. Plus, making notes during the interview could help you from forgetting any additional questions or points you might want to ask or make at the end of the interview.

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