14 Jobs that will make you love your office work again!


Hello Friend, do you often complain that you are having boring days at office, no scope of promotion or career advancement and lack of recognition? Too much staring and computer screen and stiffness at knee joint? Well, go for it please, because here you are going to watch some harsh ways of earning a living to help you appreciate your office job more than before.

01. Do not dare to complain that your co worker’s table is a mess

02. This technician who repairs the high voltage lines on very high levels in China

03. Now you know how the mosquitoes for research purposes survive

04. You need to have a nerve of steel to work here. Nothing less than a vertigo

05. Being a crew member of merchandise ship and work in the middle of storms

06. If you have trouble in removing the ice from your car’s windshield, think about this

07. This construction related job in mountain areas

08. So your tiny cubicle has more space….Right?

09. So the verbal explosions from your boss is minimal when compared to these workers dealing with fire and rescue operations

10. Crime scene cleaners have to remove blood stains from crime scene and even remove corpses going through heavy odors emanating form decomposed body parts.

11. This freight carrier on foot from Africa

12. These sulfur miners working near volcanoes and sulphuric acid lakes in Indonesia

13. This small kid really has to hurt her head

14. So your office is nothing short of a heaven..Right?

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