Soft Skills is essential for the future of recruiting and HR

According to the report Global Talent Trends 2019 by LinkedIn, Soft Skills, Work Flexibility, Anti-Harassment, and Pay Transparency are the top four trends that will impact the future of HR and recruitment.

Soft Skills is essential for the future of recruiting and HR

Professional networking platform, LinkedIn recently launched their annual report “Global Talent Trends 2019.” According to the report, the top four trends that will impact the future of HR and recruitment industry includes Soft Skills, Work Flexibility, Anti-Harassment, and Pay Transparency.

The report is based on a survey of over 5,000 talent professionals in 35 countries, behavioral insights on how people use LinkedIn, and conversations with experts.

It was found that developing markets like India, Mexico and Brazil accredit greater importance to soft skills in shaping the future of recruiting and HR. However, developed countries like European and American counterparts attribute greater significance to the role of work-flexibility in shaping the future of the industry.

Globally, 92 percent of talent professionals and hiring managers agree that strong soft skills are getting increasingly important. In India, 87percent of respondents believe that candidates with strong soft skills will be increasingly crucial to the success of their organizations. However, the report also finds that only 53 percent of companies have a formal process for assessing soft skills

Pay transparency is another trend that will shape the future of HR.  has always been a confidential topic in the workplace. 71percent of survey participants in India admit that the top benefit of sharing salary ranges is fostering greater job satisfaction for employees. However, 78 percent also apprehend that this will create salary conflicts among current employees.

The year 2018 saw the #MeToo movement emerging at workplaces and forced talent leaders to rethink their anti-harassment policies. 75 percent of those surveyed globally noticed some change in workplace dynamics/culture over the last two years and 92percent in India said that their company has implemented some harassment prevention action or tactic in the previous 12 months or is planning to apply one.

67 percent of talent professionals in India recognize workplace flexibility is essential in molding the future of recruiting and talent.

Globally, in just the last two years, there has been a 78 percent increase in job posts on LinkedIn that mention work flexibility. And in the space of only four years, there’s been a 24 percent rise in the number of people who say flexible work arrangements are a very important factor when considering a new job.

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