Why Financial Fitness is Just as Important as Your Physical Fitness

Whether you are planning for your retirement, ticking things off a bucket list, choosing an alternative life path, chasing business goals, planning a family or any major life decision, you need to be physically and financially fit for it. After all, you can’t go on a trekking trip to the Himalayas without any money and with a persistent back pain.

Not many people realise that their physical fitness is also linked to their financial fitness and that focusing only on one leads to lesser motivation and poor results. Here’s why both your physical and financial fitness are important.

Firstly, if you are healthy you are not using your money on medications and doctor bills. It saves you from extra expenditure that could have been invested somewhere else or been used to buy something you wanted for a long time. It also saves you from taking sick leaves and being more productive in the workplace. And everyone knows that being productive in the workplace means higher chances of promotions and better appraisals.

If we talk medically, taking care of your health and exercising regularly increases your blood flow and delivers more oxygen to the brain which in turn improves your cognitive abilities.

Now if we flip the situation there is still proof that our health is also dependent on our finances. If you are financially not stable it can lead to several physical, mental and health issues. Your chances of getting into depression, stress and lack of sleep are higher if you are not financially fit. Thus making you less productive and the cycle continues…

So what do you do now?

Instead of focusing on only one aspect at a time, try to focus on both simultaneously. Make sure you work out regularly and track what you eat every day. The earlier you start the better it is for your old age. Same goes for finances. Work towards achieving your long term goals, by starting investments early and keep a diligent track on your expenses and investments. This too will help you plan your life better and retirement will come easy to you.

Research well before investing in anything. Make sure it aligns well with your goal of staying physically and financially fit. IDBI Federal Life Insurance is urging people to do just that. They are motivating you to #KeepMoving towards your financial and physical goals by taking a simple test.

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