Finally, WhatsApp will demand ‘consent’ before adding people to random groups


*WhatsApp users can now be added to groups only with their consent.
* They can choose to filter group invites from ‘nobody’, ‘only contacts’ and ‘everyone’ in their privacy settings.
*Group invites will also expire within 3 days of being issued.

User consent is one of the primary concerns around data privacy and social networks have often been criticized for not having enough safeguards in place. In India, WhatsApp have launched a new privacy feature that opens a new chapter in the conversation around consent.

Even after the latest update, the feature might be available on everyone’s phone yet but it has started to roll out and will be available globally within the next few weeks.

One of the main issues, that even the Indian government pointed out, was that if an invite is sent randomly, users are automatically added to a group regardless of whether they want to be a part of it.

But with the new filter, users can go into their privacy settings and choose to only accept invites from ‘nobody’, ‘only contacts’ or ‘everyone’. The only option that’s lacking is the feasibility to create a custom list of contacts that are allowed to send WhatsApp group invites like the ‘only share with’ setting for Whatsapp Status updates.

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