Applying for PAN card through Form 49A? Do not make these 10 mistakes

Applying for PAN Card? You should not make these 10 mistakes! If you don’t have a permanent account number (PAN) and you are applying for it, you need to go through a few simple steps. First, you can visit the Income Tax Department’s official website You will have to fill up FORM 49A to apply for the PAN Card number. Those who reside outside India also need to go through the same process. However, people make a few common errors while filling up the FORM 49A for PAN Card that often leads to cancellation of their application.

PAN Card Application: Do’s and don’ts while filling up Form 49A

1. In the Form 49A, your signature should be within the box. It should not be across the box.

2. You should not submit any Proof of Identity (POI) as well as Proof of Address (POA) which are not in the name of the applicant.

3. Do not provide unnecessary additional details such as date, designation, rank, etc. along with the signature in the stipulated box.

4. Do not mention husband or spouse’s name in the Father’s Name column.

5. You should refrain from using abbreviation of the name and initials.

6. Since it is illegitimate to hold two PAN cards simultaneously, one should not apply for a new PAN if you are already allotted one.

7. The applicant should write the complete postal address in the application form 49A with landmark.

8. One should not make any error in the pin code in the address field. Apart from the pin code, you should write the correct telephone number or e- mail id in the application form 49A.

9. One should not overwrite or make corrections in the application form 49A.

10. Applicants, who are applying for allotment of PAN through filling up Form 49A, must not pin or staple the photograph.

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