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A complete guide to reduce Thigh Weight: Exercises, Diet & Lifestyle Changes

The fats get accumulated in your body in different places like face fat, belly fat, thigh fat etc. These are major places where the fats get stored. Fat accumulation in some places is not only unhealthy but also unappealing to most of us. Summer is here and many of us ponder what we’ll look like in shorts. However, it is healthy to have fats stored in our body but it may be unhealthy in some areas. These problem areas need to be treated.

What is the reason behind thunder thighs? A problem that most women battle. The reasons are numerous depending on the individual’s body type and lifestyle. The leg fat is comprised of different types of fat cells:

  • Subcutaneous fat – this is the most common type and is found right beneath the skin
  • Intramuscular fat – it is dispersed within the muscle itself

Leg fat may be due to hormonal imbalance, genes, improper diet, lack of physical activity, pregnancy etc.

Here’s how to reduce thigh fat and get toned legs:


  1. Lunges

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and arms by your side. Make sure to keep your chest and spine straight up. Then, take a large step forward with your left leg. Your left thigh and right shin must be parallel to the floor. Hold it for 3-5 seconds and then lift. Do this for 15 reps.

  1. Leg Stretch

This exercise will ensure proper blood circulation. Sit upright with your legs stretched and joined. Slowly, move the legs apart as much as you can. Now, bend right to touch the right toes with both your hands. Try to reach the knees with your head. Stay in this position for at least 5 seconds. Do the same with the left side. Repeat this 10 times.

  1. Hip Raise

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Press down with your left foot as you raise your right leg up by lifting your hip. Make sure your right toes are pointed towards the wall. Kick the leg up at a 90-degree angle while holding your hips up. Hold it for three seconds before returning to the initial position. Do the same with your left leg. Do at least 15 reps.

  1. Leg Up

Lie down on the floor facing the ceiling. Keep your palms on the side and relax. Lift both the legs at a 30-degree angle from the ground. Stay in this pose for about 5 seconds and then bring it down. Repeat this 10 times.

  1. Air Cycling

Lie down on the floor and face the ceiling. Lift your legs up, making a 90-degree angle. Slowly, start moving your legs as if you’re cycling in the forward direction. Do this for a minute at least. Repeat the same in the backward direction. Repeat this set 5 times.

  1. Aerobic Exercises

These exercises help to burn fat on your inner thighs and rest of your body as well. Brisk walking, running, dancing and stair climbing help to tone your legs. Indulge in aerobic exercises for at least 45 minutes a day for five days a week.


Reduce Calories – Besides exercising, you need to reduce your calorie intake because your body will naturally utilize excess fat as its next energy source. Minimize your calorie intake. Watch what you eat.

Salt Intake – Salt makes your body retain excess water and that causes bloating which affects your whole body including hips and thighs. Water follows salt, so the more you eat, the more water gets stored.

Avoid Certain Foods – You need to watch your diet and avoid certain things like:

  • Junk food
  • Processed food
  • Foods with excess fat

Low-carb Diet – Stick to a low-carb diet because a diet rich in carbohydrates causes the body to release insulin. The body controls glucose by producing insulin. The insulin moves the sugar out of your blood and some of it gets converted into fat.

Get Rest – A lot of fat is accumulated when we overwork our bodies or mind. Proper rest is important for women who want to lose weight.

Limit your Alcohol Intake – Alcohol breaks down into sugar which gets stored in our body as fat. So, it is better to avoid alcohol or limit your consumption.

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