How to make your smartphone run faster by limiting background process limit

Android operating system keeps some important data or process running in the background to speed up the app loading process and hence the device performance. This, to some extent is, true .. There are times when users download and install a third-party app from Google Play Store and in case it is a resource- hungry app, it tends to keeps tons of background processes running and ends up eating too much of the available resources that are required to keep the device performance optimised. Well, if you own a smartphone with more than 6GB  of RAM, there is a chance, you might not face such an issue, .. but with anything less than that can show some significant lag or delay while loading apps, playing games, etc. 

What does limiting background process means 

Well, each app keeps some sort of cache files stored on the smartphone to speed up the process of loading the app. Android as an operating system manages those processes automatically as per the standard settings set by the manufacturer or Google. But there’s a way to manually limit  the background process as per the need. 

What are the shortcomings of limiting the background process 

By limiting the background process, users tell the operating system not to run in the background and keeps on eating unnecessary resources. Notably, limiting background process to sleep but that does not mean notification from email, WhatsApp, etc won’t be delivered. The only shortcoming here  is once the user triggers an app, it will reload the entire app from scratch. 

To limit background process, first users need to enable Developer option on their Android smartphones. To do that, follow the steps below 

How to turn on Developer options 

1. Open Settings 

2.Tap on About phone

3.Then tap on Build number, seven times to enable the Developer mode 

How to limit background process 

1.Head back to the the Settings main page 
2. Tap on Developer options
3. Scroll down and  and tap on Background process limit under the Apps section 

4.Now, choose from the options — Standard, No background process, At most 1 process, At most 2 process, At most 3 and At most 4 process. 

5.Once selected, we recommend you to close all the apps and restart the smartphone for changes to take effect. 

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