2020 Numerology Horoscope: How Will Be Your Year As Per Your Birth Date

Will 2020 bring some positive changes in your life?

Will you get more opportunities at work? 

If you have been thinking about all this, we have a numerology prediction for you.

Numerology works by your birth date so look at your birth date and read the prediction for the coming year.

Celebrity Numerologist and Tarot Card Reader, Manish Mallviya has shared this numerology prediction with us.


You will get new opportunities to work, business opportunities this year. It is a good year for you career-wise. Rather than going for a short term investment, go for a long term one. If you have been looking for a change at workplace then you may get new opportunities. Make sure you give time to yourself to avoid any health problems. There may be issues in the relationship. 


Expect good promotion at work. You will finally get rid of problems related to money. Make sure you think well before investing your money somewhere. Mental stress may take over and this can lead to issues in your personal life. 


If you have been wanting to change your workplace then you may get a good opportunity. Make sure you use your energy in the right place. Take care of your health and your relationships too. You may get some monetary benefits this year.


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This year, you will finally get to enjoy the results of all the hardwork you put in last year. A good year for you money-wise, you may get some really good benefits. There may be health issues so keep a check on your health. You may also face some problems in your personal life.


Good time to start with a new job or business. You may get an opportunity to travel abroad for some work. If you face any health issue, don’t be careless and consult your doctor immediately. Manage your relationship well or some serious issues may occur. 


You may get monetary benefits but there may be an increase in your expenditure too. Give time to yourself and travel to a place that gives your mind immense peace. Start understanding your responsibilities and fulfill them.


If you grab the new opportunities coming your way, you will see positive changes in your life. Make sure you maintain a good relationship with everyone. Keep a check on your health.


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You will have to take all the decisions in your life wisely. You will spend a good time with your family. If you are asked to work at a new place, don’t be afraid as it will be a good experience. You may get sudden money gain.


You will have to be careful this year. You may face monetary issues. Give time yourself, workout to keep yourself healthy.

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