Daily Overview Horoscope: February 10

Aries Overview

Aries, Moon in Leo may shake up your confidence a little bit. This could be due to reasons unknown or maybe because you tend to dream too big sometimes. Eventually, when these dreams become unattainable you step back and become upset. Dreams play an important part in our lives so don’t stop dreaming. Astroyogi astrologers suggest you to just keep your expectations low and that you should be a little practical. Focus on attainable goals and work your way up slow and steady. Nothing in life is easy, you need to keep working towards it. Blue is your lucky color for the day and the time between 2 pm to 5 pm is considered to be an auspicious time for you.

Taurus Overview

As the Moon remains in Leo today some of you may experience that your mental capabilities are enlivened. This will help you to be readily receptive to other people be it at work or at home. However, if there is something important to be taken care of at work you may consider relying on facts rather than anything else. Some unexpected hurdles may come up when you least expect it. Do not worry as your tact and diplomacy will help you pull through this. Spending some time with your loved ones will definitely help you stay calm and relaxed. The time between 11:00 am to 12:30 pm is considered to be your luckiest hour of the day. Green is your lucky color for today.

Gemini Overview

As Moon makes its presence felt in Leo, a wandering mind may leave you a bit distracted. Focusing on your work and other responsibilities may not be your strong points today. Try not to let that mind of yours wander too far off at least keep one foot on the ground. Somehow at the end of the day, you should find that most of your tasks were accomplished nonetheless. If you wish to accomplish anything without any trouble, try doing it between 3 pm and 4 pm for best results. Wearing the color sea green will prove to be lucky for you say Astroyogi astrologers.

Cancer Overview

As Moon is placed in Leo, you may be feeling courageous and confident when it comes to personal relationships and self-expression. Today may turn out to be a very dynamic period when it comes to relationships. Use this time to clear any misunderstandings that have been a reason for your stress since the past few days. Keep your communications clear to avoid any further misunderstandings, advise Astroyogi astrologers. Plan anything of high importance between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm for best results. Lavender is your lucky color for the day.

Leo Overview

As Moon is direct in Leo, Astroyogi astrologers predict while your intuitive nature may be reinforced now, you may still not be happy with some of your impressions. In a situation like this you need to turn things around with a positive attitude and reinforcement of what you want, this will help you achieve your goals. You will find your path, and make good career choices especially today to save yourself all the regret later. It would be wise for you not to trust anyone blindly and just to believe in yourself and follow your instincts. The color golden will help you harness good luck. Schedule anything important between the time frame of 2:15 pm and 3:00 pm.

Virgo Overview

A wonderful day for enhancing family relationships as the Moon is in Leo at this time. If you have been thinking about going for a brief holiday with your loved ones, this is the time to embark or at least get the planning started. This trip will dissolve all your worries and bring you respite from the tension of the past few days. Today will push you forward towards a little excursion and you can be glad, because fun and frivolity will be had by all. Lucky colour for you today is emerald Green. Plan important things between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm for better results.

Libra Overview

As Moon is placed in Leo, some of you may feel motivated and confident today, dear Libra. You may be willing to make improvements on the personal front and find solutions to any long standing problems. However, when it comes to work, you may not be particularly satisfied with any ordinary activity. You may be motivated to look for something inspiring to keep you interested. Astroyogi astrologers recommend that any time between 3 pm to 6 pm is considered to be lucky for you. Yellow is your lucky color for the day.

Scorpio Overview

As Moon remains in Leo some of you may feel lost and disconnected. Of late, your mind seems to be preoccupied with a lot of issues. Scorpio, make sure you do not stress yourself over things so much as problems are a part of life, there’s no escape! So take your time and decide on what would be best for you. Take these challenging situations as lessons in life. Find practical solutions instead of trying to evade your problems. Your luckiest hour of the day lies between 5 pm and 6 pm so line up your tasks ahead accordingly. Purple is your lucky color for the day.

Sagittarius Overview

An array of mixed feelings due to the effect of Moon’s position in Leo may overwhelm you today. Try and avoid not giving in to the mood swings and getting involved in activities that keep you cheerful and happy. Do something that you like to do, maybe play a song or dance to a tune, read, or chat with old friends to wave off any negativity. Whatever you do make sure that you enjoy doing so and it brings a sense of satisfaction. Wearing turquoise will help you bring about a sense of serenity, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. Restrict all important decision making between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm for better gains in future.

Capricorn Overview

As Moon is in Leo some of you will be motivated to get ahead and just get things done. It is likely that your intellectual output will be high today and you will be able to use it to plan for the future. Dear Capricorn, focus on your goals and everything will happen as planned. Such are the times when you must use your mental abilities to the fullest. Therefore, have confidence in yourself and take circumstances as they come, one by one, and you will conquer all hurdles in your path. Your luckiest hour of the day lies between 2:15 pm and 3:50 pm for best results. Avoid wearing anything in black for the day.

Aquarius Overview

As foretold by Moon in Leo, the momentum of your day would be on self-reliance. You are much more capable of things than you give yourself credit for. As much as you treasure your friends and family and respect their opinions, you would realize today that the decisions you take are yours and yours alone and you are the only one that faces the consequences of them. astrologers urge you to focus on your decision-making prowess today and trust your instincts. It would be best to assign all decisions after 8 am. Schedule the reflection upon the decisions of the day post this time for desirable results.

Pisces Overview

As Moon is in Leo, some of you may be feeling stressed and upset. This may make you prone to losing your temper and your diplomatic skills may be put to test. Make sure you do not say or do anything inappropriate even if you find someone crossing your boundaries. Figure out some way to make them stop without being aggressive but make sure they get your message. Wear something in golden yellow to channel the positive cosmic energies in your life, recommend Astroyogi astrologers. Be extra careful during 3 pm to 4 pm, as it is indicated to be unlucky for you.

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