Lucky Bamboo Plant: Here’s why keeping this plant at home brings health and prosperity

The lucky bamboo plant is a common household plant and a popular plant in Feng Shui.

It is considered to bring luck and prosperity in our life. The lucky bamboo plant is a type of tropical water lily named Dracaena Sanderiana.

This plant is quite easy to take care of and grows mostly in indirect sunlight. It’s an indoor plant that brings positive energy in home and office if placed in the right corner of the room.

The lucky bamboo plant, when tied with a red ribbon, represents the element of fire. It is also known to create a balance in life. This plant represents the elements of earth, water, metal, fire and wood. Keep it in the east direction for attracting good health; in south-east direction for wealth. The plant can survive for almost ten years if taken care of properly.

History of the lucky bamboo plant

The history of the lucky bamboo plant is dated back to almost 4000 years ago in Chinese culture. In Asian culture, the plant is used as the symbol of good fortune which can be a perfect gift during New Year celebration and any religious festival.     

Significance of the lucky bamboo plant:

According to Chinese culture, this plant represents its importance by the number of stalks it has.

1- Two stalks of the plant represent love.

2- Three stalks represent wealth and long life.

3- Five stalks stand for wealth; six stalks for luck.

4- Seven stalks represent wealth, happiness and health.

5- Eight stalks are for motivation; nine stalks for good fortune.

6- Ten stalks for perfection.

7- 21 stalks symbolise blessings and abundance.

Significance of the layers of the lucky bamboo plant.

Choose your plant according to its layers, here’s why:

2-Layer lucky bamboo plant

It belongs to the Dracaena Sanderiana species that grows mostly in the glass vase filled with pebbles and water. But you can also shift the plant into potted-soil.

3-Layer lucky bamboo plant

This plant, scientifically called as Dracaena Braunii, has different other names like Friendship Bamboo, Curly Bamboo, Chinese Bamboo, Chinese Water Bamboo, etc. It’s a perfect indoor plant mostly seen in India, China and Taiwan. This low-maintenance plant can grow in poor light as well.

7-Layer lucky bamboo plant

BaThis elegant 7-layered plant is a perfect gift for both formal or informal purpose. It brings luck, serenity and calmness in the ambience where it’s placed. This should also be kept as an indoor plant that should be given only filtered water.

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