PROCESS EXPLAINED: Money transferred in wrong bank account? Don’t worry, do this!

RBI guidelines for wrong bank account money transfer say that if you have transferred money in a wrong bank account, then you can get your money back into your account within 24 to 48 working hours. But, due to the lack of information and not known to the reclaim process, people believe that if they have transferred money in a wrong bank account, then it is their fault and they will have to take it as a penalty, which is absolutely wrong. 

However, the time of refund of your money depends upon the bank account in which you have wrongly transferred money. If the money transferred to the wrong bank account belongs to your banker means both banks are the same, then it will take lesser time to refund. But, if the two bank accounts are from the two different banks, then the money refund will take some more time. 

According to the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) notification issued in October 2010 with a title “Electronic payment products – Processing inward transactions based solely on account number information” explains that “banks are generally expected to match the name and account number information of the beneficiary before affording credit to the account.” So, in case you have transferred money in a wrong bank account, you can ask your bank for a refund reminding them of the RBI guideline issued in October 2010. 

What to do if transferred money in the wrong bank account? 

Take a screenshot of the transaction immediately. Inform your bank immediately after committing the mistake, give them the screenshot of your bank transaction and give bank account details of both your’s and the beneficiary bank account. If the amount was credited to an unintentional beneficiary account that has the same name as your intended beneficiary, you will need to provide proof to prove that the transfer was incorrect. However, it’s advisable for the bank account holder to put one’s wrong money transfer complaint in written and get a receiving of it from the bank.

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