How to save money around the home during quarantine

Nobody could have predicted the huge changes that the new coronavirus has made to our day-to-day lives. But we are where we are. It’s best to just make the most out of the situation. For instance, one of the few advantages of being stuck at home is that a lot of money can be saved.

Take a look through the following gallery to find out how to save money at home during quarantine.

Make full use of your subscriptions

Now is the time to fully utilize your subscription to a streaming service! Why pay to go to the cinema when you can watch films at home?

Save change

If you have had to go out to the supermarket, or pharmacy, collect any loose change and stick it in a jar. By the time life returns to normal, you may have put aside enough to pay for a great night out!

Drink mainly water

Not only is water essential, and very good for you, it is either free from the tap, or very inexpensive in bottled form.

Shop carefully

Of course, now is the time to save money, but it is also important to be conscious of building your immune system by eating well.

Clear debts

If you manage to save some money, and are paying interest on credit cards, now is the time to reduce that balance to save some money.

Stick to showers

An occasional bath is a nice way to relax, but baths do use a huge amount of water. Save on bills by sticking to showers.

Make a romantic gesture

If you are living with your partner, you don’t need to splash out on expensive gifts. Just remind them that you love them, especially in these troubling times.

Buy eggs

Reducing food costs is always wise. Eggs are very cheap, and packed with protein and many other essential nutrients.

Read what you own

Since you’re stuck indoors, why not feed your mind? There must be some books lying around that you keep meaning to read, and it will cost you nothing. Don’t go buying more books at this moment!

Buy frozen berries

It’s important to keep healthy, especially now. Stock up on frozen berries. They are cheap, and defrost in no time at all.

Make your own dressings

It is cheaper to make your own dressings, squeeze your own juice, make your own smoothies, etc. And now you have the time to do it!

Get in shape

Stop buying junk food and get to your desired weight! Avoid gym fees by working out at home.

Buy bananas

Stay away from expensive fruit, and keep healthy by buying cheap fruit like bananas. They will help keep your immune system in good shape.

Grow some food

Have a garden? Have some seeds you have been wanting to plant? Spring has sprung, and now is a good opportunity to economize and watch those vegetables grow!

Re-use tea bags

Save some cash by using the same tea bag to make two or three cups of tea. Then you can use the old tea bags for compost.

Don’t waste power

Switch lights off. Turn your computer off after use—not just on standby. Reduce the brightness on screens. All of this can save cash.

Don’t waste power

Switch lights off. Turn your computer off after use—not just on standby. Reduce the brightness on screens. All of this can save cash.

Keep it basic

We all need to eat. Stick to healthy basics. Don’t go hungry, but maybe elaborate and fancy ingredients can wait until the world stabilizes again.

Cook in bulk

Reduce those supermarket trips by cooking in bulk. Freeze what you can, and plan out your meals for the week.

Try baking

Don’t waste money on pre-made food. Make your own. It’s cheaper, healthier, and more satisfying.

Buy garlic

If you are looking for something cheap and full of antioxidants, look no further than garlic. Try and consume a little each day.

Use old newspapers

Normally, you might recycle these. Try getting as much use out of them as possible. You could use them to mop up spillages, then dry them, and use them to generate heat in your fireplace!

Eat ginger

What a fantastic thing ginger is. It is packed with antioxidants, is very cheap, and will be sure to give your immune system a great boost.

Keep the thermostat low

Reduce energy costs by keeping your thermostat low. It will save money, and keep you more alert.

Reusable jars

Now is a good time to think about making jams, preserves, etc. They can last for many, many months, and you can save money by making them yourself with reusable jars!

Reuse foil

Obviously this isn’t always possible. But where it is, it’s a great thing both for your wallet and for environmental sustainability.

Do your own cleaning

Not only will you have to temporarily pause any hired cleaner visits because of self-isolation, but you will save money and get exercise in by doing your own cleaning!

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