Lockdown Impact: Banks to now provide home delivery of cash

Afraid to go out during curfew to visit banks? With only essential services functioning now, banks have come to the rescue of their customers in these times of turmoil.


India’s largest lender allows its customers to deposit as well as withdraw money from their home itself by providing them with door to door banking services. Initially, this facility was available only for senior citizens. However, in times of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, anyone can avail this facility by paying a fee of Rs 100.


The bank gives all their customers an option to avail all banking services from home. The bank makes multiple verifications and identifications to ensure a stringent level of security. Customers can also check the photo ID of the person who comes to collect cash before making any transaction. Customers who want to avail this facility will be charged a fee from Rs 100-200.

Axis Bank

Customers can talk to a Phone Banking Officer and can avail any of the following services from home; pick up of cash, pick up of instruments and delivery of cash/demand drafts. The transaction will be done after a confirmation of identification on both sides and the customer will be charged a fee of Rs 100 plus GST.


Customers have to register for its [email protected] service online. Once this is done, they can avail all banking facilities like cash withdrawal, cash pick up, cheque pick up and delivery of demand drafts. The service is open from 9AM to 2PM, and customers can indulge in transactions with amount limits ranging from Rs 2,000 to 2,00,000.

Deutsche Bank

Customers of this bank can register for their door to door banking service. Under this scheme, facilities for cash delivery, cash pickup, cheque pickup and demand draft’s delivery are available. The condition for these services is that the cash amount should be between Rs 25,000-5,00,000.

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