IRCTC reservation: Full list of 230 special trains, timings, stoppages

Days after Indian Railways resumed passenger train services in the country in a “phased” manner with 15 pairs of trains from 12 May, 2020, the national transporter is now gearing up to run another 200 special trains from 1 June, 2020 in a move to let citizens travel to their hometowns amid the nationwide lockdown.

India is currently in the fourth phase of the ongoing lockdown which was imposed by the government on 25 March in order to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country, which has affected more than one lakh citizens and killed over 3,500 people so far.

While the booking reservations of the 15 pairs of trains (30 trains in total) started from 11 May via online booking from either the IRCTC website or app, the railway ministry announced that has resumed reservation counters, apart from online bookings, for ticket reservation of the 200 special trains starting today, which are scheduled to run from 1 June, 2020.

Here is a full list of the trains, timings, routes and stoppages of the trains scheduled to run from 1 June:

Train No Train Name Source Station Destination station

1 01016/15 Kushinagar Express Gorakhpur Lokmanyatilak (T)

2 01019/20 Konarka Express Mumbai CST Bhubaneswar

3 01061/62 Darbhanga Express Lokmanyatilak (T) Darbhanga

4 01071/72 Kamayani Express Lokmanyatilak (T) Varanasi

5 01093/94 Mahanagri Express Mumbai CST Varanasi

6 01139/40 Mumbai CST Gadag Express Mumbai CST Gadag

7 01301/02 Udyan Express Mumbai CST KSR Bengaluru

8 02156/55 Bhopal Express Hazrat Nizamuddin Habibganj

9 02230/29 Lucknow Mail New Delhi Lucknow Jn

10 02296/95 Sanghmitra Express Danapur KSR Bengaluru

11 02377/78 Padatik Express Sealdah New Alipurduar

12 02392/91 Shramjevi Express New Delhi Rajgir

13 02394/93 Sampoorn Kranti Express New Delhi Rajendra Nagar

18 02452/51 Shram Shakti Express New Delhi Kanpur

19 02463/64 Samprak Kranti Jodhpur Delhi S Rohilla

20 02477/78 Jaipur Jodhpur Express Jaipur Jodhpur

21 02479/80 Suryanagri Express Bandra (T) Jodhpur

22 02533/34 Pushpak Express Lucknow 1n Mumbai CST

23 02555/56 Gorakhdham Express Hisar Gorakhpur

24 02560/59 Shivganga Express New Delhi Manduadih

25 02618/17 Mangla Express Hazrat Nizamuddin Ernakulam

26 04009/10 Champaran Satyagrah Express Anand Vihar Bapudham Motihari

27 02629/30 Karnataka Samprak Kranti Express New Delhi Yesvantpur

28 02701/02 Husain Sagar Express Mumbai CST Hyderabad

29 J[ 02703/04 Falaknuma Express Howrah Secunderabad

30 02715/16 Sachkhand Express H. S. Nanded Amritsar

31 02724/23 Telangana Express New Delhi Hyderabad

32 02792/91 Danapur Secunderabad Express Danapur Secunderabad

33 02801/02 Purushottam Express Puri New Delhi

34 02810/09 HWH-Mumbai Mail Howrah Mumbai CST

35 02833/34 Ahmedabad Howrah Express Ahmedabad Howrah

36 02904/03 Golden Temple Mail Amritsar Mumbai Central

37 02916/15 Ashram Express Delhi Ahmedabad

38 02926/25 Paschim Express Amritsar Bandra (1)

39 02933/34 Karnavati Express Mumbai Central Ahmedabad

40 02963/64 Mewar Express Hazrat Nizamuddin Udaipur City

41 08183/84 Tatanagar Danapur Express Tatanagar Danapur

42 05484/83 Mahananda Express Delhi Alipurduar

43 06345/46 Netrvati Express Mumbai (LTT) Thiruvananthapuram Central

44 02806/06 AP Express Vishakapatnam New Delhi

45 02182/81 Nizamuddin Jabalpur Express Hazrat Nizamuddin Jabalpur

46 02418/17 Mahamana Express New Delhi Varanasi

47 02955/56 Mumbai Central Jaipur Express Mumbai Central Jaipur

48 07201/02 Golconda Express Guntur Secunderabad

49 02793/94 Rayalseema Express Tirupati Nizamabad

50 09165/66 Sabarmati Express Ahmedabad Darbhanga

51 09167/68 Sabarmati Express Ahmedabad Varanasi

52 09045/46 Ganga Express Surat Chhapra Tapti

53 03201/02 Patna Lokmanyatilak Express Patna Lokmanyatilak (T)

54 1 02553/54 Vaishali Express Saharsa New Delhi

55 02307/08 Howrah Jodhpur/Bikaner Express Howrah Jodhpur/Bikaner

56 02381/82 Poorva Express Howrah New Delhi

57 02303/04 Poorva Express Howrah New Delhi

53 02141/42 Lokmanyatilak Patliputra Express Lokmanyatilak (T) Patliputra

59 02557/58 Sapt Kranti Express Muzaffarpur Anand Vihar

60 05273/74 Satyagrah Express Raxaul Anand Vihar

61 02419/20 Suhaildev Express Anand Vihar Ghazipur

62 II 02433/34 Anand Vihar Ghazipur Express Anand Vihar Ghazipur

63 09041/42 Bandra (T) Ghazipur Express Bandra (T) Ghazipur

64 1 04673/74 Shaheed Express Amritsar Jaynagar

65 04649/50 Saryu Yamuna Express Amritsar Jaynagar

66 02541/42 Gorakhpur Lokmanyatilak Express Gorakhpur Lokmanyatilak (T)

67 05955/56 Brahmputra Mail Dibrugarh Delhi

63 02149/50 Pune Danapur Express Pune Danapur

69 02947/48 Azimabad Express Ahmedabad Patna

70 05645/46 Lokmanyatilak Guwahati Express Lokmanyatilak (T) Guwahati

71 02727/28 Godavari Express Hyderabad Visakhapatnam

72 Special Train Ahmedabad Muzaffarpur (Via Surat)

73 Special Train Ahmedabad Gorakhpur (Via Surat)

Duronto trains having NON AC Coaches

74 02245/12246 Howrah (1050) Yasvantpur (1600) Duronto Express

75 02201/22202 Sealdah (2000) Puri (0435) Duronto Express

76 02213/22214 Shalimar (2200) Patna (0640) Duronto Express

77 02283/12284 Emakulam (2325) Nizamuddin (1940) Duronto Express

78 02285/12286 Secundarabad (1310) Nizamuddin (1035) Duronto Express


Sr. Train No. From To Train Name

79 02073/74 Howrah Jn (1325) Bhubaneswar (2020) Jan Shatabdi Express

80 02023/24 Howrah Jn (1405) Patna Jn (2245) Jan Shatabdi Express

81 02365/66 Patna (0600) Ranchi (1355) Jan Shatabdi Express

82 02091/92 Dehradun (1545) Kathgodam (2335) Jan Shatabdi Express

83 02067/68 Guwahati (0630) Jorhat Town (1320) Jan Shatabdi Express

84 02053/54 Haridwar (1445) Amritsar (2205) Jan Shatabdi Express

85 02055/56 New Delhi (1520) Dehradun (2110)) Jan Shatabdi Express

86 02057/58 New Delhi (1435) Una Himachal (2210) Jan Shatabdi Express

87 02065/66 Ajmer (0540) Delhi Sarai Rohilla (1135) Jan Shatabdi Express

88 02069/70 Raigarh (0620) Gondia (1325) Jan Shatabdi Express

89 02021/22 Howrah (0620) Barbil (1305) Jan Shatabdi Express

90 02075/76 Calicut (1345) Trivendrum (2135) Jan Shatabdi Express

91 02081/82 Kannur (0450) Trivendrum (1425) Jan Shatabdi Express

92 02079/80 Bengaluru (0600) Hubli (1345) Jan Shatabdi Express

93 02089/90 Yashwantpur (1730) Shivamoga Town (2155) Jan Shatabdi Express

94 02059/60 Kota (0555) Nizamuddin (1230) Jan Shatabdi Express

95 02061/62 Habibganj (1740) Jabalpur (2255) Jan Shatabdi Express

96 09037/38 Bandra(T) Gorakhpur Avadh Express

97 09039/40 Bandra(T) Muzaffarpur Avadh Express

98 02565/66 Darbhanga New Delhi Btiar Sampark Kranti

99 02917/18 Ahmedabad Nizamuddin Gujarat Sampark Kranti

100 02779/80 Vasco da Gama Nizamuddin Goa Express

“Opening of booking centers will mark an important step in graded restoration of passenger railway services,” it said in a release.

Indian Railways also announced that it will be providing full refund for cancelled tickets for the above mentioned special trains.

For the already functioning 15 soecil trains, only confirmed e-tickets shall be booked. Booking of RAC/Waiting list ticket and on board booking by ticket checking staff shall not be permitted, the ministry added.

These trains will be run as special trains to and from New Delhi Station.

Here is a full list of the 15 trians which are running since 12 May, 2020:

Howrah to New Delhi (Daily) via Asansol Jn, Dhanbad Jn, Gaya Jn, Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Prayagraj Jn.,Kanpur Central (Starting date: 12.05.2020). Departure time: 17:05, Arrival: 10:00

New Delhi to Howrah (Daily) via Asansol Jn, Dhanbad Jn, Gaya Jn, Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Prayagraj Jn.,Kanpur Central (Starting date: 13.05.2020). Departure time: 16:55, Arrival: 09:55

Rajendra Nagar to New Delhi (Daily) via Patna Jn, Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Prayagraj Jn., Kanpur Central (Starting date – 12.05.2020). Departure time: 19: 20, arrrival: 07:40

New Delhi to Rajendra Nagar (Daily) via Patna Jn, Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Prayagraj Jn., Kanpur Central (Starting date – 13.05.2020). Departure time: 17:15, arrival: 05:30.

Dibrugarh to New Delhi (Daily) via Dimapur, Lumding Jn,Guwahati,Kokrajhar,Mariani, New Jalpaiguri, Katihar Jn, , Barauni Jn, Danapur, Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Prayagraj Jn., Kanpur Central (Starting date – 14.05.2020). Departure time: 21:10, arrival: 10:15.

New Delhi to Dibrugarh (Daily) via Dimapur, Lumding Jn,Guwahati,Kokrajhar,Mariani, New Jalpaiguri, Katihar Jn, , Barauni Jn, Danapur, Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Prayagraj Jn., Kanpur Central (Starting date – 12.05.2020). Departure time: 16:45, Arrival: 07:00

New Delhi to Jammu Tawi (Daily) via Ludhiana (Starting date – 13.05.2020). Departure time: 21:10, Arrival: 05:45

Jammu Tawi to New Delhi (Daily) via Ludhiana (Starting date – 14.05.2020). Departure time: 20:10, Arrival: 05:00

Bengaluru to New Delhi (Daily) via Anantapur, Guntakal Jn, Secunderabad Jn,Nagpur, Bhopal Jn, Jhansi Jn, (Starting date – 12.05.2020). Departure time: 20:30, Arrival: 05:55

New Delhi to Bengaluru (Daily) via Anantapur, Guntakal Jn, Secunderabad Jn,Nagpur, Bhopal Jn, Jhansi Jn, (Starting date – 12.05.2020). Departure time: 21:15, Arrival: 06:40.

Thiruvananthapuram to New Delhi via (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) Ernakulam Jn, , Kozhikkode, Mangalore, Madgaon,Panvel, Vadodara, Kota (Starting date – 15.05.2020). Departure time: 19:45, Arrival: 12:40.

New Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram (Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday) via Ernakulam Jn, , Kozhikkode, Mangalore, Madgaon,Panvel, Vadodara, Kota (Starting date – 13.05.2020). Departure time: 11:25, Arrival: 05:25.

Chennai Central to New Delhi via Vijayawada, (F, Sat) Warangal, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jhansi, Agra (Starting date- 15.05.2020). Departure time: 06:35, Arrival: 10:30

New Delhi to Chennai Central (W, F) via Vijayawada, Warangal, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jhansi, Agra (Starting date- 13.05.2020). Departure time: 16:00, Arrival: 20:40

Bilaspur to New Delhi via (M, Thu) Raipur Jn, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jhansi (Starting date: 14.05.2020). Departure time: 14:40, Arrival: 10:55.

New Delhi to Bilaspur (Tue, Sat) via Raipur Jn, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jhansi, (Starting date: 12.05.2020). Departure time: 16:00, Arrival: 12:00.

Ranchi to New Delhi (Th, Su) via Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Kanpur Central (Starting date:14.05.2020). Departure time: 17:40, Arrival: 10:55.

New Delhi to Ranchi (wed, Sat) (Starting date:13.05.2020). Departure time: 15:30, Arrival: 10:00.

Mumbai Central to New Delhi (Daily) via Surat, Vadodra, Ratlam, Kota (Starting date:12.05.2020). Departure time: 17:30, Arrival: 09:05.

New Delhi to Mumbai Central (Daily) (Starting date:13.05.2020). Departure time: 16:55, Arrival: 08:45.

Ahmedabad to New Delhi (Daily) via Palanpur, Abu Road, Jaipur, Gurgaon, (Starting date:12.05.2020). Departure time: 18:20, Arrival: 08:00.

New Delhi to Ahmedabad (Daily) (Starting date:13.05.2020). Departure time: 20:25. Arrival time: 10:05.

Agartala to New Delhi via (M, Wed) Badarpur Jn, Guwahati, Kokrajhar,New Jalpaiguri, Katihar Jn, Barauni Jn,Patliputra, Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Kanpur Central (Starting date:18.05.2020). Departure time: 19:00. Arrival time: 11:20.

New Delhi to Agartala via (Wednesday) M Badarpur Jn, Guwahati, Kokrajhar,New Jalpaiguri, Katihar Jn, Barauni Jn,Patliputra, Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Kanpur Central (Starting date: 20.05.2020). Departure time: 19:50. Arrival time: 13:30.

Bhubneshwar to New Delhi (Daily) via Balasor,Hijli (Kharagpur), Tatanagar, Bokaro Stl City, Gaya, Pt. Dd Upadhyaya Jn, Kanpur Central (Starting date:13.05.2020). Departure time: 10:00. Arrival time: 10:45.

New Delhi to Bhubneshwar (Daily) (Starting date:14.05.2020). Departure time: 17:05. Arrival time: 17:25.

New Delhi to Madgaon (Fri, Sat), Ratnagiri, Panvel, Surat, Vadodara Jn, Kota Jn (Starting date:15.05.2020). Departure time: 11:25. Arrival time: 12:50.

Madgaon to New Delhi (Mon, Sun) (Starting date: 17.05.2020). Departure time: 10:30. Arrival time: 12:40.

Secundarabad to New Delhi (Wednesday) via Nagpur, Bhopal, Jhansi (Starting date: 20.05.2020). Departure time: 13:15. Arrival time: 10:40.

New Delhi to Secundarabad (Sunday) via Nagpur, Bhopal, Jhansi (Starting date:17.05.2020). Departure time: 16:00. Arrival time: 14:00.

Furtherore, the Ministry of Railways said that apart from these the running of Shramik Special trains will continue to be handled by local State Governments as per the existing protocols.

The government today said that over 66 lakh Indians made intra-state travels from April 30 to May 12, reflecting the large number of people reaching their homes during the period, according to PTI report.

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