Bank Holidays in August 2020 Full List: Alert! Lenders to remain closed for these many days

Bank Holidays in August 2020 Full List: Lenders have been working non-stop despite the coronavirus lockdown in place and have been serving customers well ever since the pandemic first struck. In what looks like a good breather for the banking sector employees, a long holiday list in August awaits them. The August month begins with a holiday for employees. The timetable for the banks was changed amid the pandemic.  

No extended holidays were allowed in order to ensure uninterrupted service for customers. But, the August month brings a long list of holidays for the bank employees.  

There are 16 banks holidays in the month of August. The holiday list includes Sundays and 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Note the list of holidays, to get all your bank-related works done well in advance. It is to be noted that the holidays are in accordance to the festivals in different states. The work will go on in the usual way in states where there are no local holidays. 

The month starts with a banking holiday. August begins with Saturday and Eid al-Adha will be observed on this day. The end of month is also a holiday. Onam festival is falling on 31 August and many states will observe a holiday. 

See the list of holidays here:  

1 August – Eid al-Adha 

2 August – Sunday 

3 August – Raksha Bandhan 

8 August – Second Saturday 

9 August – Sunday 

11 August – Krishna Janmashtami 

12 August – Krishna Janmashtami 

13 August – Imphal Patriots Day 

15 August – Independence Day 

16 August – Sunday 

20 August – Tithi of Srimanta Sankardeva 

21 August – Teej (Haritalika) 

22 August – Ganesh Chaturthi/4th Saturday  

23 August – Sunday 

29 August – Karma Puja/Ashoora 

31 August – Indrajatra/Thiruvonam 

What should you do: The biggest problem faced by people on extended holidays is the cash running out from ATM machines. It is advised to withdraw cash as per your needs and do rest of the transactions online. Though, some banks have started mobile ATM van facility.

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