Daily Health Horoscope : August, 04

Aries Health

You are accident-prone at this time, so do be careful. The likeliness of injuring yourself while at work or while travelling is high today. Be cautious for it`s better to be safe than sorry! Abide by all the traffic laws, and be extra careful while handling sharp-edged instruments, electrical appliances and fire. Be careful and you will come under no harm. Boost your energy levels by doing yoga.

Taurus Health

Be very careful around fire today. Indications are that there is a greater risk than normal of injury due to fire and hot objects. You might suffer from minor burns which will cause you pain. Keep water handy when handling hot objects just to be safe. If you exercise caution today then you will be just fine. You will find yourself drawn towards meditation in order to relax your mind.

Gemini Health

Concentrate on the road or just stay completely away from driving for a day or so as accidents are highly likely today. Road rage is a possibility now so you need to maintain your cool while driving. Also, accidents and fender-benders are very likely. A lot of accidents can be prevented now if you follow the rules of the road.

Cancer Health

Sheer recklessness may cause a minor accident today, so do exercise caution. You might be tempted to be rash on the road, however it is advised that you exercise great caution today as accidents and injury are highly indicated. Your careless and aggressive driving may result in a serious accident, which can cause damage to your vehicle and may injure you also. Be extra careful today.

Leo Health

Today avoid accidents in all forms. Be mindful when you are carrying heavy objects or while walking on a slippery surface. Try not to be clumsy as the results may be more dire today than on any other day. When you act, do it with intention and focus and you should be just fine. Teenagers have a much better day as you finally see some improvement in your skin. A treatment starts showing results.

Virgo Health

Today be gentle with your muscles and back. Be careful while picking up heavy objects so that you do not sprain or strain the muscles in your back. Lift heavy objects properly, with your legs and not your back. These types of muscles problems are indicated today but can be avoided with mindfulness and proper lifting techniques. Do not do any rough and tumble activities or you could be setting yourself up for injury.

Libra Health

Tread carefully, otherwise you might get hurt. This is a period in which accidents are very likely, so you will need to take some precautions so that you are not at risk of great injury. Be mindful of all your actions and be especially careful around things that present some risk – large bodies of water, electricity and dangerous road conditions. If you are careful you will escape today unharmed.

Scorpio Health

Avoid handling dangerous objects because the chances of an accident are high. You tend to be accident-prone today and therefore should try to stay away from sharp objects such as knives so that you don`t injure yourself. Also avoid using electrical appliances as you may receive a shock. Make sure you are very careful while handling fire.

Sagittarius Health

Certain accidents and injuries involving both fire and firearms are indicated today. Therefore, to escape accident and injury on this day you should strictly avoid being near fire and weapons of any kind at this time. You can also exercise great caution today around hot objects of all kinds. All of these items could pose a serious threat to your health now. Maintain the proper precautions today.

Capricorn Health

Be wary of accidents while on a journey today. The road may be a bit treacherous as accidents are highly indicated. You will need to exercise great caution and will need to use defensive driving in order to get through this day accident-free. Keep your wits about you and do not drive if you are tired and you should be fine in the end.

Aquarius Health

Try to minimize unnecessary stress today as it will have an effect on your health. Excessive stress weakens the immune system and will leave you vulnerable to minor ailments and infections in the short term, and more serious problems in the long term. Yoga and meditation will do wonders for your health today.

Pisces Health

Don`t mix drinking and driving or you may have cause for regret. Even if you feel completely competent to drive after a drink, avoid going behind the wheel. Chances of your being involved in a road accident are high today. So be careful; it`s better to be safe than sorry!

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