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Daily Health Horoscope : August, 17

Aries Health

Today you should focus on thinking of new ways to get exercise. Find options that are fun and also make you work up a sweat, including jogging with friends or playing sports at the local fitness centre. If you find that you are socializing and enjoying the activity then you are much more likely to stick with it and lose weight.

Taurus Health

You may need to take time out of your busy schedule for exercise in order to keep yourself physically fit. Keep in mind that the prolonged sitting, either at work or at home, could make you feel lazy, and thus vulnerable to falling ill. By adopting a new active lifestyle you will notice that your increased stamina and alertness have a positive effect on your overall health.

Gemini Health

Today you should find ways to get exercise as a family. All of you need to get out and get some exercise today and you will find it fun to do it together. If you are having fun while you are exercising then you are more likely to do it for longer and enjoy it more. All of you will find you appreciate this bit of activity today.

Cancer Health

Today take your health regimen outside and get some fresh air and exercise. You will find your willingness to exercise will increase if you combine it with some outdoor sports or outdoor social activities with friends. The social interactions will do wonders for your mood, which in turn will improve your health.

Leo Health

Due to some recent stress you have been experiencing, you have been taking in too many empty calories lately. The way to combat this today is to make sure you get some extra exercise. Do an extra lap during your morning walk, or run an extra five minutes on the treadmill. Either way, take today to get yourself back on track.

Virgo Health

Today will bring you good developments in the realm of your health as your adoption of a regular exercise regimen starts giving positive results. You will feel different and refreshed in your mind and body. Keep up your regular physical activities as exercise will ensure proper circulation, leading to better health and strong immunity.

Libra Health

Today you may need to try to figure out how to spice up your exercise routine so that it doesn`t get boring. Even if you are working out in a gym with others around you may find you lose stamina for going regularly. Why not join with a friend and you can keep each other on track? Also try diversifying your routine to include yoga and weight training.

Scorpio Health

Today you realize that you have lost some momentum on your exercise routine and it`s time to get back on track. Today you will actually want to get into the gym so you can start feeling fit and healthy again. As much as you have enjoyed taking a break from exercising, you fully realize how much better you feel when you are active.

Sagittarius Health

Today you find that any way you can link your fitness routine with your social life helps you keep on track with your fitness goals. Today you could talk with friends about starting a walking or running club. Share recipes for healthy alternatives to fattening snacks. Meet a friend at the gym for racquetball. These activities will make exercise fun and will bring you closer to your friends!

Capricorn Health

Today is a day for you to remain on course when it comes to your exercise and fitness regimen. You have been relatively good and on track lately and this is just another day to keep up the good work. You could stand to improve your eating habits as you have been indulging in too many sweets and snack food as of late.

Aquarius Health

Today a variety of different exercising options will be dancing around your mind as the thought of jogging and lifting weights leaves you unenthusiastic. Why not try something like swimming? If you can find something interesting, fun and social you will be getting in more exercise than you even realise! Slimming down will not be an impossible task once you have a more active lifestyle.

Pisces Health

Today you will want to exercise and get your mind and body back on track after recently giving yourself an extended break from your workout routine. Today work on getting back to your good habits in the realm of health and fitness. Remember, in the long run you will feel better after spending thirty minutes in the gym than spending another thirty minutes on the couch!

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