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Daily Overview Horoscope : August, 21

Aries Overview

It is great to be strong, independent and self-sufficient, but ultimately we are all human and have our own weaknesses and skeletons in the cupboards. Even the strongest amongst us, are bound to feel low sometimes. The Moon in Virgo will make you feel tired today but the typical Aries in you, wouldn’t want to disclose this to others. You will pretend to be your lively self and agree to go for that evening bash. Do not feel burdened to always present your animated self to the world, Aries. It is important to have some close friends in whom you can confide your true feelings. Wear yellow and you will find positive cosmic energy surrounding you. Time between 11:30 am and 12:30 am is expected to be lucky for you.

Taurus Overview

The Moon in Virgo will encourage you to brush up your knowledge of a certain field today. You may be getting a great opportunity to work in this field but you feel you do not have enough knowledge regarding it, to agree to go ahead with the offer. You are hard working, Taurus and if you see this to be a profitable venture, go on and put in some effort and upgrade your knowledge. It cannot be so difficult for an intelligent person like you and you have never been one to shirk work. Once you start, you will see how easy the whole task gets. Wearing pale Yellow is expected to bring you good luck. Execute important tasks between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm, as planetary positions favour you the most between these timings.

Gemini Overview

Today, the Moon in Virgo will make you feel sensitive to people’s barbs around you. Some close relative or friend may say or do something to hurt you. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel small or make you regret some decision which you had not taken in their favour. Stick to whatever you decided. After all, when you made the decision, it was not at the spur of the moment, but a carefully thought out one. So, don’t allow yourself to get pushed into changing it. Sometimes, the closer a person is to you, the more are their expectations from you. Purple is the lucky colour for you today. 10:00 am – 11:00 am is going to be of immense productivity for you.

Cancer Overview

The Moon in Virgo may make you feel defeated by opponents at your work place, today. You may feel that they are manipulating the whole work atmosphere in such a way that you are being unable to give your best. You may want to just wrap up the whole thing and call it a day. Do not take any hasty decision, Cancer, because this is what they must be aiming for. If you ignore them and do not react to any of their moves, they will be forced to retreat. Remember, your will to perform is in your hands, Cancer.  Lucky colour for you today is white. Period between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon is expected to bring you lots of benefits.

Leo Overview

The Moon in Virgo will get your hackles up, even as you try and restrain yourself from losing your temper. Some family member or a co-worker is perpetually on your case and much as you repress your anger, he/she seems to be bent on antagonising you. It almost seems like they are waiting for you to react very badly in a negative manner so that they could have an upper hand at something they are targeting.Do not rise to their bait, Leo, as they have an ulterior motive in their mind. Continue being your respectful and courteous self and see how soon they get tired of provoking you. Wear sapphire blue as it will help you attract positive energy. Focusing on important tasks between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm is likely to yield high productivity.

Virgo Overview

The Moon in your own sign will make you feel victimised today. Maybe you were just an innocent onlooker at a place where the prank was played by someone else and you had to take the major brunt of the punishment.You will be upset because as much as you tried to explain that you had no role to play in the mischief, your voice was not heard by anyone. Just sulking and sitting in a corner is not going to help, Virgo. Speak up! Let your voice be heard. If the prankster doesn`t own up, then go ahead and expose him/her. You are advised to wear crimson red, as it will help you harness the positive cosmic energy present around you. It is anticipated that any important tasks be planned and executed between 10:45 am and 11:30 am to gain maximum benefits.

Libra Overview

The Moon in Virgo will hit your confidence today and make you feel low. You had a certain goal, a certain ambition in mind and you never really got down to even start working on it. You have been busy helping other people attain their goal and have always been pushing your own to one side. Do not allow this sense of defeat to overpower your desire. There is nothing selfish about wanting to focus on your own self, so stop feeling guilty and start giving shape to your dreams today itself. Time waits for no one, Libra. Do something for your own self before it becomes too late. Orange colour is expected to benefit you immensely today. Good time during the day is expected to be between 1:00 pm and 2:15 pm. Planning important tasks between these timings will enhance your chances of success.

Scorpio Overview

Inspite of your instinct warning you not to, you got yourself involved in a venture that you thought would turn out to be very profitable. And although you put your best foot forward in it, the venture didn’t take off as you expected it would. You are obviously, devastated. The Moon in Virgo today, will enhance the feeling of regret and self-condemnation about the venture and reduce your confidence level in yourself. Self-pity will get you no where, Scorpio. You are smarter than this. Just go through the nuances of the entire working of the venture and find out where you made the mistake. Work on improving that. Wear violet to attract positive cosmic energy. It is expected that the time between 12:45 pm and 2:00 pm will be bring you good luck.

Sagittarius Overview

The Moon in Virgo may make you stressed today because of the sensitive atmosphere at the workplace. Your cheerful nature has always provided your co-workers with a morale boost. You have a great sense of humour which everyone enjoys, but there are times you honestly say something without thinking and that could get some colleagues(maybe with a poor sense of humour) flustered. Something to that effect has happened at the workplace and now you have a situation in your hands.Your blunt and tactless behaviour did not go down well with some people. Apologise if you have hurt someone’s sentiments, Sagittarius and do be careful in the future. Lucky colour for you is dark blue. Executing significant tasks between 2:15 pm and 3:00 pm will enhance the probability of success. Lucky colour for you is Indigo.

Capricorn Overview

Your rapport with the younger generation is great and although you may not make those cute little noises to entertain them, there is a certain bond that you form with them. Some of the married Capricorns may have been trying to have their own little ones as they believe its important to complete a family. But due to some reason, things may not be falling into place. The Moon in Virgo, may get them worried about this problem today. Simply worrying about this is not going to help, Capricorn. You are so practical about things. If you make a project out of this and work towards the goal, you are sure to succeed. Lucky colour for the day is mauve. Undertake important tasks between 3:30 pm and 4:45 pm to get maximum results.

Aquarius Overview

Things may not have been working well between you and your partner lately, Aquarius and you could be forming a certain opinion about the opposite sex. You have been loyal, tried to patch up, go with what the rule book on love says and yet the result seems to be to be gloomy. The Moon in Virgo will today, invoke a feeling of total disinterest in carrying out the wooing further. In fact, it may want to make you stay away completely from the opposite sex. Before you get completely disgusted with the whole episode, give it a break. Concentrate on other things that interest you. Green is your lucky color for today. If you plan to do something important, do it between 6 pm to 8 pm.

Pisces Overview

Fortunately you are again in the best of your abilities to function and perform well in all dimensions of life.You have found a great mode of self-expression and your romantic interest has encouraged you to indulge in it. You are feeling one with the universe and have found harmony in your life. The Moon in Virgo will motivate you today, to pursue this interest as a hobby and you will be grateful to your partner for helping you to abandon yourself in it. You function best and are happiest when you are not coerced into doing something you don’t like. You will be very productive between 9:00 am and 10:00 am and the color silver is your luck magnet for the day.

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