CoronaOven Paper: This innovative product from Bengaluru startup disinfects currency notes – Here is how it works

By now, nearly everyone has accepted it for a fact that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has led to massive changes vis-a-vis our lifestyle and outlook. As we start to embrace the new normal, sanitizing or disinfecting ourselves and the belongings that we use everyday have emerged in recent times one of our daily lives’ highest priorities, and rightly so.

Among various things that we inevitably come across almost every day are an array of paper-based items (in the form of currency notes, newspapers, official documents, notebooks, folders and stationeries, and so on). Scientific studies conducted across the world demonstrate that some strains of Coronavirus can live upto several days on paper-based surfaces; in the current situation, most people are looking to avoid any risk of catching the infection and thus they are putting a lot of emphasis on disinfecting paper bundles and currency notes, just as they are also doing with other regular-use objects. However, the disinfection of large bundles or stacks of paper or notes is easier said than done, since the process involves manual intervention and is also quite tedious in nature.

In order to resolve and overcome the biggest challenges currently associated with disinfection/sanitization of paper or note bundles, Bengaluru-based start-up Log 9 Materials has come up with its new product ‘CoronaOven Paper’.

CoronaOven Paper: What it is?

CoronaOven Paper is a novel disinfecting device for inactivating the SARS-COV2 virus (also known as Novel Coronavirius or Covid-19 virus) and other pathogens from the surfaces of paper and currency notes.

CoronaOven Paper: How it works?

– The product uses UV lamps radiating UV-C light at 254 nm, which is scientifically proven as the most lethal UV wavelength for destroying all harmful microorganisms including SARS viruses.

– CoronaOven Paper has been built with multi-focal UV lamps for flash disinfection/sterilization of paper surfaces and pathogenic aerosols, and it is further powered by a patented air flow technology that generates thermal convection within the chamber for more efficient surface disinfection of the papers and currency notes.

-The product also presents a multi-rack configuration (consisting of five racks), which gives users the opportunity to place multiple paper stacks, currency notes in a single cycle for simultaneous disinfection.

CoronaOven Paper: Other details

-CoronaOven Paper is a sustainable and safety-first device made with UV-C safe materials, which not only ensures safe operations of the equipment but also blocks UV-C light (from going out of the chamber), so that outside personnel do not get adversely affected.

-The lamps used inside the chamber come with guarantee of 11,000 hours of continuous use, and a 185 nm inner coating to ensure zero Ozone creation.

Speaking about their latest product, Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials says, “After launching CoronaOven few months back as a first-of its-kind disinfection oven to easily sanitize daily-life items in order to prevent surface-to-human transmission of the Covid-19 virus, we at Log 9 eventually noticed that quite a few pressing problems exist when it comes to the frequent disinfection of paper stacks or bundles. For instance, most papers in a file are usually arranged as a series of papers and need to be disinfected after taking them out one-by-one, and a similar challenge is faced with bundles of currency notes. CoronaOven Paper comes as a perfect one-stop solution for all kinds of hardships that we face in disinfecting bundles of papers or currency notes. By automating the process of disinfection, this innovative product eliminates the need for manual separation or segregation of pages and bundles of currency. Hence, not only does it save time, but also brings ease, convenience and more importantly, peace of mind.”

Elaborating more on the working of the product, Akshay Singhal adds, “In CoronaOven Paper, we have incorporated a unique ‘Air Bounce Technology’ due to which the high-pressure flow of air across the stack of papers or notes combined with thermal convection makes sure each and every surface attains the required threshold of thermal energy needed for killing the virus and germs. The dual power of UV-C germicidal light combined with excellent thermal treatment within this chamber ensures most effective levels of disinfection. Another key feature of our new product is its multi-rack system so that multiple stacks of paper or bundles of currency notes can be disinfected only through a single disinfection cycle of as low as 30 minutes. At the moment, upto 50 currency bundles or 10 A4 sheet bundles of paper (having 100 sheets in each bundle) can be disinfected with one cycle of CoronaOven Paper.

Based on the scientific principle of UV-Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), Log 9 has recently designed, manufactured and commercialized a range of certified UV disinfection products under the brand name ‘CoronaOven’, and the newly launched CoronaOven Paper becomes the latest addition to the start-up’s ‘CoronaOven’ product line — a need-based innovation aimed at contributing towards India’s collective fight against Covid-19.

Future plans

In the upcoming days and months, Log 9 wants to position CoronaOven Paper majorly as a B2B product that shall be highly useful in disinfecting paper and note bundles on a large scale in places like offices, shops, banks, etc.

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