Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 first impressions: Making smartphones fun, again!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 first impressions: Smartphones have changed a lot in the last few years. The displays are bigger now, number of cameras have increased, batteries are larger and charging capabilities have come a long way. One thing that hadn’t changed much was the design. Until, Samsung launched the first foldable smartphone last year. The Galaxy Fold (priced at Rs 1.65 lakh) will be remembered as a defining moment for the smartphone industry but, it had some obvious issues.  

WATCH | Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 first look

Now, the company has introduced the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 which undoubtedly, is a far more polished version of the first Fold. We spent a few hours with it recently and here is a quick impression of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. 

The first thing you are going to love about the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is that it is a gorgeous piece of tech. We had the Mystic Bronze colour variant which just adds to the charm of the phone. It feels more sturdy, durable and premium than the previous generation fold.  

In last year’s Fold, I had failed to find a proper use case for the top display. It was too narrow and only good enough to maybe take a few calls or reply to messages. But on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung has used a 6.20-inch touchscreen on the cover with almost no bezels, making it very useful. Now, you can use the same screen to watch YouTube videos, reply to emails and much more.  

When folded, the smartphone flaunts a crisp Full-HD+ AMOLED Infinity-O Display with 120Hz screen refresh rate. It enhances your viewing as well as gaming experience. To give context, a lot of tablets offered a smaller screen than what you get on the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Plus, the faster screen refresh rate ensures smoother transition between tabs and quick loading of apps.  

It enables easy multi-tasking. You can stream something on one screen and at the same time, use the secondary display to reply to your messages, mails etc. You also get very smooth transition between the screens. For example, if you are watching a YouTube video on the cover display, you can seamlessly open the phone and the video will continue playing without any issues.  

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