Indian Railways launches ‘Meri Saheli’ to provide safety to women passengers . Check details

Indian Railways started another great initiative named “Meri Saheli” to provide more safety and security to women passengers during their entire journey.

The “Meri Saheli” initiative is to provide more safety and security of lady passengers travelling by trains in their entire journey from originating station till destination station.

Under the initiative, a team of lady officer and staff have been formed. The team will visit all of the passenger coaches including ladies coaches to identify women passengers.

Details of their journey like, coach number & seat number will be noted down by the team, especially if a lady is travelling alone in the train. The passengers will be briefed about RPF Security Helpline No. 182, GRP Security Helpline No. 1512 and other precautions for example, not to take food from strangers, buying food from IRCTC authorized stalls only & taking care of luggage.

The team will also advise them to feel free to contact the train escort party and dial 182 in case of any emergency. The details of the passengers will be conveyed to enroute Divisions & Zones to meet the passengers at their convenience till they reach their final destination. At the end of the journey, a feedback will be collected from the lady passengers regarding their journey experience and safety measures taken.

The ‘Meri Saheli’ initiative was started as a pilot project in the South Eastern Railway in September 2020 and after getting positive response from women passengers, it was extended to all zones.

This unique initiative has primarily introduced in two trains by the Western Railway zone, i.e, Train No. 12955 Mumbai Central – Jaipur Superfast Express and Train No. 02925 Bandra Terminus – Amritsar Special train. The “Meri Saheli” initiative will not only provide safety & security to women passengers, but will also provide them mental peace and a comfortable & happy travelling experience.

The Central Railway RPF has started “Meri Saheli ” programme in 24 special trains which has got a huge and positive response. This includes trains like Mumbai-Nagpur-Mumbai Duranto Express, Godan Express, Gondia-Mumbai Special, Mumbai-Howrah Express, Pune-Patna Special and other trains.

Central Railway has always been at the forefront in providing a safe and comfortable journey to Women and “Meri Saheli” will be another important part of the dedicated efforts to ensure safety and security of women passengers.

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