Unforgettable places to visit in India on New Year’s Eve

2021 is around the corner, and most of us are making travel plans to kickstart the new year. With almost all destinations unique in their own way, it becomes a difficult task to pick a place to visit on New Year’s eve to make it all the more perfect. To help you sort your New Year travel plans, we have compiled a list of best places from across the country to celebrate the occasion.

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Goa has to make it to this spot, although it is very much predictable that it still remains one the most-favoured destinations in India to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It is a party hopper’s dream, and is dotted with shacks and huts, bars, hotels, and restaurants; almost every location hosts parties that continue till the wee hours of the morning. Be sure to plan your trip beforehand when flights and hotels are still available.

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If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a royal way, this picturesque city in Rajasthan should be your pick. Beaming with marvellous palaces, resorts, and hotels, this spot has some of the spectacular locations to surprise you. Also, the city hosts some of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations at prominent locations, where you get to witness beautiful fireworks as soon as the clock strikes twelve.

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The City of Dreams, also known as the city that never sleeps, is one of the best places to celebrate the New Year’s eve. Although there are not many areas where you can sit and relax in Mumbai, there are some spots that host the best New Year bashes in the country. Also, if you have never been to Mumbai, you can also spare some time to explore famous landmarks in the city.

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Just like Goa, Puducherry is a happening place where parties continue till the next morning on New Year’s Eve. A trip to this place will offer you many options. When you are done with the beach parties, you can also head to meditation centres and well-known ashrams to greet the New Year in peace and solace.

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It might not offer you the most-happening parties, but its scenic beauty will definitely bowl you over. Dotted with lush green surroundings, Gangtok is just the spot you need for a perfect relaxing getaway and to celebrate New Year in style.

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It might not offer you the most-happening parties, but its scenic beauty will definitely bowl you over. Dotted with lush green surroundings, Gangtok is just the spot you need for a perfect relaxing getaway and to celebrate New Year in style.

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New Year’s Eve parties here are all about good music and fabulous fireworks. If you want to skip the hotel celebrations, head to places such as the Nahargarh Fort and Lohagarh Fort Resort.

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Often referred to as the Scotland of India, Shillong is a nature’s paradise. This place makes for a peaceful getaway and is surrounded by cascading waterfalls, beautiful lakes, and majestic mountains. To celebrate New Year’s Eve in style, you can visit the rooftop restaurants for splendid views and delicious food, or watch New Year fireworks.

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands

This is another beautiful beach destination, which is unique in its own way. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, with its serene and calm island, turns into a hub for New Year parties. You can also opt to spend a night on yachts in the middle of the ocean, or choose from the various beautiful resorts to enjoy a great vacation.

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A popular hangout for holiday goers, Coorg is famous for its pleasant weather and scenic surroundings. The spice plantations and tea gardens, further add to its beauty. Don’t forget to taste some authentic Kodava cuisine, watch some migratory birds, or enjoy the simple beauty of hills and enjoy New Year’s Eve in your way.

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Famed for its desert surroundings and camel rides, Pushkar is definitely one offbeat destination to consider. From shopping spots to forts and camel safaris, Pushkar is a destination in Rajasthan which offers plenty of fun-filled experiences. Pushkar also gives you the opportunity to experience royal lifestyle, as well as countryside vibes, along with some great parties to celebrate New Year’s Eve.




This place is for those seeking to embrace spirituality and start the new year on a fresh note. Being one of the holy cities of the country, Varanasi is a great spot to feel spirituality without denting your wallet. You can also go on a boat ride across Ganga, which is included in offers of almost all the guest houses in Varanasi.

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Kasol will get you high on its picturesque beauty, and there is always this colourful, happy vibe of some sort in its air. Interestingly, this vibe translates into many New Year’s Eve parties. You can choose to experience ringing in 2021 in Kasol either by attend

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