No Annual Exams for Students Up To Class 8 This Time in UP Govt Schools

Students will be promoted after class assessment as regular classes were affected by the Covid-19.

The students of Uttar Pradesh government schools up to Class 8 will not have to give their annual examinations this year and they will be promoted to the next class on the basis of assessment.

In the academic session 2020-21, due to the coronavirus pandemic, about 10 months of teaching work was affected, students in the government schools will be assessed at the classroom level and promoted. Assessment of children’s ability to learn and read will be done through Prerna Gyanotsav in the assessment. However, the examination of classes 9th and 11th will be done according to the academic calendar only.

It is worth noting that about 1.6 crore students are studying in 1.59 lakh schools of Basic Education Council in the State. Due to Corona, the operations of these schools were stopped in the second week of March 2020. In the academic session 2019-20, the government had also passed the children without examination.

Online classes have started from July, but due to the large number of children belonging to weaker and poor sections in the council schools, many of them could not take advantage of the online classes. Operation of classes from 6 to 8 has been started from February 10, whereas classes 1 to 5 have started operations from Monday.

The Additional Chief Secretary of the Basic Education Department, Renuka Kumar, has said, “Annual examinations will not be conducted in government schools this time also. We are running a 100-day Prerna Gyanotsav programme. Assessment of children will be done at class level. Based on this, they will be promoted in the next class.”

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