Zomato Now Lets You Mark Food Orders As COVID Emergencies But You Must Promise To Not Misuse It

Zomato will prioritize these orders in the queue for the quickest possible delivery by assigning who they call the ‘fastest rider’ based on location and route.

Food delivery and restaurant aggregator Zomato has rolled out a new feature for the Zomato app for your Apple iPhone and Android phone, which now allows users to mark food orders as a COVID-19 emergency. This would allow Zomato to prioritize these orders in the queue and also assign the quickest possible delivery by assigning who they call the ‘fastest rider’ based on location and route. These orders will also get dedicated customer support. These emergency orders will be contactless, which means they’ll be prepaid, and deliveries will be contactless. The update is now available on the Zomato app for orders from restaurants who have signed up for these emergency food orders. Users will have the “This order is related to a COVID-19 emergency” option available on the order page, which they simply have to check.

Zomato has confirmed to News18 that these special deliveries will not have any extra charges added on, and you will be paying for the meal order and any delivery charges that may otherwise also be applicable. “All deliveries to such customers will be contactless by default to ensure the safety of our riders, and subsequent customers. Needless to say, all customers should opt in for contactless deliveries right now,” says Deepinder Goyal, Founder, Zomato before adding, “A big thank you to the entire restaurant industry for joining hands to serve our customers who need us the most right now.” Zomato however takes pains to urge users to only tick off this option on their order page if this is a genuine emergency and the order needs to be prepared on priority. “Treat this as an ambulance and please don’t misuse it”, reads the feature description on the app. To be fair, this option will be quite handy in multiple situations, including for a food delivery being done to a COVID patients’ home or the meal is being ordered by someone who caring for someone who is struggling with COVID and needs to get quick food delivery.

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