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Global Day of Parents 2021: Parenting Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

On the Global Day of Parents 2021, in the light of the troubling times owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some parenting tips that might be useful:

June 1, 2021 marks the Global Day of Parents. The day is observed with great enthusiasm all over the world with the objective to draw attention to the critical role of parents in the child rearing process. The UN General Assembly introduced the Global Day of Parents in 2012 with the objective to appreciate and honor ‘parenthood’ (that entails parents’ sacrifices, selfless acts of love and long-term commitment towards children).

Parenting is a huge responsibility that involves immense patience, energy and understanding. Nurturing a child, ensuring he or she experiences a healthy, fully functional life, and grows into a responsible adult, are things that parents put their heart and soul into. Now, all of these activities already come laden with their share of uncertainty, and problems.

And in the current situation of the raging pandemic, these things have become all the more worrisome. Fear, risks, unpredictability have become manifold for parents amid the COVID-19 pandemic circumstances.

So, on the Global Day of Parents 2021, in the light of the troubling times owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some parenting tips that might be useful:


  • To mitigate the challenges under these new normal pandemic conditions, it is important to follow a healthy diet, exercise daily, and regularize bedtime.
  • Ensure a schedule for family dinners, household chores, socializing (virtual playdates) with friends (or in person, maintaining safety measures).
  • Ensure kids are away from TV, mobile, laptop an hour before their bedtime.


Maintaining a routine instils discipline and gives a sense of normalcy in kids during these uncertain times. With online classes being the new normal amid Covid-19 pandemic, children will find the ‘routine’ give a school-like vibe.


  • Don’t shun or discourage kids from asking questions.Hear them out.
  • Provide them with a rational explanation to their questions. Answer questions simply and honestly about the pandemic, acquaint them with social distancing, safety protocols of COVID-19
  • Also, talk to them at an age-appropriate level. It’s best not to burden them with too much information.


Show physical affection by kissing, hugging kids more if they seek reassurance.


Ask your child to choose an activity and participate in it together. If the child spends time with every family member in this fashion, it will strengthen bonds, and lessen loneliness.


Share 1 positive or fun experience from your day with your child in the evening or before bedtime. It could be simple things like watching a sunrise-sunset, baking, feeding birds, home repairing, work or school achievement, anything that would make you and your kid feel a sense of gratitude, and boost positivity amid this Covid-19 pandemic.

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