TCS Work from Home to End; How India’s Biggest IT Employer is Planning to Open Offices

Apart from TCS, many other companies are calling back their employees to the office. Wipro is another big name that has asked employees to resume working from the office.

India’s largest IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced that it will call its employees back to the office. The byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home, is ending  soon and many software and IT companies are calling back their employees to the office. TCS, India’s biggest private employer has earlier mentioned that the company is set to end work from home by the end of this year or early next year. The decision was taken in the wake of dipping Covid-19 case, vaccination going at record pace and a large chunk of TCS employees being inoculated.  Almost after 18 months, ever since our personal and professional lives took a 360 degree turn, life seems to clawing back to normalcy.

In 2020, 96 per cent of TCS staff shifted to remote working and the company is planning to not get the employees back to offices. By 2025, the company made it clear that only 25 per cent of the total employees will work from the office whereas Infosys is going to follow a hybrid work model. The company has already told that for calling employees back to the office the risk assessment model will dive deep into various criteria such as vaccination status, employee’s place of residence, risk in the region and locality, and basic health parameters so that the office remains safe and employees feel confident in coming back to work.

ndia’s largest IT services company contributes almost 15 per cent to the country’s $150 billion software exports and employs over a tenth of its 4.6 million technology workforce. ,  TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan said he expects TCS to gain a larger share of the global technology outsourcing market, amid the general trend of a market shift towards utilising bigger players. Milind Lakkad, global head, human resources said a media publication, “ TCS created a blueprint, Vision 25/25 to ensure that 25 percent of its employees were present only 25 percent of the time in offices to be 100 percent productive.” In terms of employee strength, TCS has more than 5 lakh people across the globe and as many as 97 percent of employees have worked from home. But now the company wants them back in the office.

So far, over 90 per cent of the TCS staff in India have been inoculated against the Covid-19 virus. In an interview, TCS chief operating officer N G Subramaniam told the BBC that it’s time to replenish the social capital an office environment fosters. “The overarching feedback we’ve got is that about 50 per cent of the people feel they can come to work,” Subramaniam said. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) on Tuesday extended till 31 December the relaxation in work from home (WFH) norms for other service providers (OSPs), including the IT sector. This is the second extension given to OSPs, primarily IT and IT-enabled services firms, to facilitate WFH amid the coronavirus-led restrictions.

Apart from TCS, many other companies are calling back their employees to the office. Wipro is another big name that has asked employees to resume working from the office. Rishad Premji, chairman, Wipro, took to Twitter on Sunday and explained the process as to how one will start working from the office. He explained that employees will return to work after 18 months of work from home, each of them will have QR code to enable contact less entry into campuses, followed by temperature checks and all other necessary checks will be done to ensure the safety of all other employees.

TCS and Wipro’s decision to call back their employees to start working from office will pave the way for hybrid style of working and taking a cue from these giant corporations, other software companies will also take lead to embrace hybrid working model.

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