Fuel Prices in India Remain Steady, Check Petrol and Diesel Prices In Your City

Petrol, Diesel Price Today, July 3: The price of a litre of petrol in Delhi is Rs 96.72 while the diesel is selling at Rs 89.62 per litre

Fuel prices in the country remain unchanged for the 42nd day in a row on Sunday, July 3. Prices of petrol and diesel have remained steady since May 21, when the Union government announced a cut in excise duty on petrol by Rs 8 per litre, and on diesel by Rs 6 per litre.

The process of revision of petrol and diesel price in the country is carried out by public sector OMCs like Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL), and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL), depending on factors like international crude oil prices and foreign exchange rates.

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After the central government relaxed the excise duty on fuel prices, several state governments also reduced VAT on petrol and diesel. The Kerala government reduced the tax on the prices of petrol and diesel by Rs 2.41 and Rs 1.36 per litre, respectively. The Odisha government slashed state-imposed taxes on petrol and diesel by Rs 2.23 and Rs 1.36 a litre respectively. Maharashtra state government made cuts on VAT on petrol by Rs 2.08 per litre and on diesel by Rs 1.44 per litre. The Rajasthan government cut-down the local tax on petrol by Rs 2.48 per litre and diesel by Rs 1.16 per litre.

In Delhi, petrol consumers will be paying Rs 96.72 a litre as compared to Rs 105.41 per litre, earlier. The retail price of diesel in Delhi is Rs 89.62 a litre as against Rs 96.67 per litre earlier. The price of petrol in Mumbai is Rs 111.35 per litre and the retail price of diesel in the financial capital is Rs 97.28 per litre. Consumers of petrol in Kolkata will be paying Rs 106.03 per litre, while the price of diesel in the capital city of West Bengal stands at Rs 92.7. The retail price of petrol in Chennai stands at Rs 102.63 per litre, while the retail price of diesel is Rs 94.24 per litre.

Petrol, Diesel Prices on July 3, in Delhi, Chennai and Other Major Cities in India:

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Petrol: Rs 96.72 per litre

Diesel: Rs 89.62 per litre


Petrol: Rs 111.35 per litre

Diesel: Rs 97.28 per litre


Petrol: Rs 106.03 per litre

Diesel: Rs 92.76 per litre


Petrol: Rs 102.63 per litre

Diesel: Rs 94.24 per litre


Petrol: Rs 108.65 per litre

Diesel: Rs 93.90 per litre


Petrol: Rs 109.66 per litre

Diesel: Rs 97.82 per litre


Petrol: Rs 101.94 per litre

Diesel: Rs 87.89 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.01 per litre

Diesel: Rs 83.94 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.57 per litre

Diesel: Rs 89.76 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.63 per litre

Diesel: Rs 92.38 per litre


Petrol: Rs 107.71 per litre

Diesel: Rs 96.52 per litre.

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