Airtel launches 4 new affordable recharge plans in India, here are the details


Airtel on Tuesday launched four new recharge plans, including two smart recharge packs and two rate-cutting plans. All four plans are priced under Rs 150. These new Airtel plans are priced at Rs 109, Rs 131, Rs 109, and Rs 111.

All four Airtel plans are primarily for people who wish to keep their phone number active without spending a lot. Now, let’s take a detailed look at the newly launched Airtel recharge plans. Also, all these plans are listed on the company’s website as well as the app.

Airtel Rs 109 plan

Airtel’s new Rs 109 rate cutter plan has been launched. The plan offers 30 days of validity and comes with 200MB of data and Rs 99 talk-time. Under the plan, local, STD, and landline voice calls will cost Rs 2.5 paise per second. SMSes will cost Re 1 per local SMS and Rs 1.44 per STD SMS.

Airtel Rs 111 plan

The newly launched Airtel Rs 111 smart recharge plan offers Rs 99 talk-time and 200MB of data. It offers one-month validity. Under the plan, local, STD, and landline calls cost Rs 2.5/second. Local SMS is priced at Rs 1 while STD SMS will cost Rs 1.5.

Airtel Rs 128 plan

The new Airtel plan worth Rs 128 comes with a validity period of 30 days. Under the plan, local and STD calls will be charged Rs 2.5/ second while national video calls will be charged Rs 5/second. Mobile data will be charged Rs 0.50/MB.

Airtel Rs 131 plan

The Airtel Rs 131 recharge plan is valid for exactly one month. Under the plan, users are charged Rs 2.5/second for local and STD calls and Rs 5/second for national video calls. Additionally, local SMS costs Rs 1 while STD costs Rs 1.5/SMS.

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