Planning a trip to Thailand? Do this to avoid long queues at Bangkok airport

New Delhi: The Thailand Embassy of India on Sunday issued an advisory to Indians planning a trip to Bangkok urging them to follow few simple steps to avoid long queues at the airport. Thailand is witnessing a huge influx of tourists since it re-opened its borders post Covid-19 pandemic.

The Embassy said that the Bangkok airport is witnessing long queues due to an increase in the number of passengers and tourists. The reason for the long queues is to get immigration clearance and the number of people taking on-arrival visas is high.

Thailand is attracting tourists in a big way after nearly two years of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Issuing the advisory, Thailand’s Ambassador to India, Pattarat Hongtong, urged Indians to obtain a Thailand visa from the embassy or consulate general to avoid long queues at the Bangkok airport.

“I think this is quite natural for any airport, not only in Thailand. When we open the borders, nobody can expect the actual number of incoming visitors or tourists. So that’s why for Indians we advise them to get the visa from the Embassy or Consulate General before travelling to Thailand that can be helpful to things,” the Thai ambassador to India told media.

She also stressed the preparation at the airport and increasing staff including how to ease the crowd, adding that work is underway to provide the best services to international visitors to Thailand.

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