‘Instagram Has Lost The Soul’: Co-Founder Kevin Systrom


New Delhi: Instagram, a social networking platform, has developed into a market for influencers, and its cofounder Kevin Systrom is not pleased about it. Systrom remarked, “I think we’ve lost the core of what makes Instagram Instagram,” in an interview with tech journalist Kara Swisher on a podcast.

Instagram has evolved into a business tool as creators and marketers utilise the platform to generate revenue, according to Systrom, who first used it to keep up with his friends and family.  The commercialization of Instagram is, in his opinion, his biggest regret.

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He claimed that Instagram’s “incentives are to go to more commercial, more artists, more partnerships, and more ad dollars,” which may have unintended societal repercussions, is the problem. This has “focused the energy on people living allegedly great lives with no boundaries, doing the fanciest things, looking the nicest, and wearing the fanciest stuff,” he claimed. 

According to him, this leads to a “terrifying” dynamic where Instagram users think the well-crafted facades they view on the app represent people’s actual lives. “Whatever individuals put on Instagram is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how difficult life is,” he declared. It’s a competition to see who can be the most perfect at everything.

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The co-founder has really observed Instagram’s evolution on his own feed. He claimed that some of his acquaintances no longer upload images of their normal lives, only “#advertising.” That isn’t the Instagram we started, in my opinion, Systrom stated. 

As a substitute app where users can be themselves and capture themselves in authentic circumstances, he singled out BeReal.

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Over five years after he departed Instagram in 2018 due to escalating tensions with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Systrom has recently expressed his thoughts on the social media platform. In 2012, he traded Instagram for $1 billion with Facebook, which is now Meta. He is currently a founding member of Artifact, a news app driven by AI that was introduced at the start of the year.

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