7 Cheap International Destinations That you Can Visit Under Rs 1 lakh

Want to travel abroad on a budget? Check out these affordable options from India.

Budget International Travel From India

When it comes to expenses, the sky is the limit but if you want to travel on a budget, here are 7 international destinations that can be done under Rs 1 lakh (per person). However, with exchange rates constantly changing, make the right inquiries before booking your holidays. 


This is an off-beat choice and if you can select your flight and accommodation wisely, this can be a memorable holiday that is affordable too. The archipelagic country has over 7,000 islands and is a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure sports enthusiasts – zip-lining, kayaking, and mountain biking, to name a few. Binge on street food and if you opt for hostels, you will save on the moolah.


Whether you want to enjoy a steamy bowl of Pho at Ho Chi Minh or visit the picturesque Halong Bay, Vietnam is a tourist’s delight. The place has a host of affordable accommodations. You can savour the yummy street food and take public transport to save costs. Beautiful and affordable.

United Arab Emirates

Not just Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can also visit Sharjah and Al Ain. Desert safari, scaling Burj Khalifa, grand mosques, heritage museums – you can do it all in UAE. If hotels are too costly, you can explore Airbnb options too. 


Whether you want to enjoy Bangkok’s happening nightlife, the grand temples or enjoy the serene beaches of Krabi or Phuket, Thailand has something for everybody – history and culture buffs, beach bums, and party hoppers. It’s affordable too. Currently, 1 Thai Baht is equivalent to Rs 2.39. 


This is a perfect destination for beach lovers, there’s a beach almost everywhere! The beautiful scenery, yummy food, and gorgeous beaches are wonderful for beach enthusiasts. You can enjoy Langkawi’s beaches, the jungles of Borneo, skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a dream for budget travels.

Sri Lanka

A beautiful country with ancient ruins, serene beaches, rollicking hills and valleys, and expansive tea estates, Sri Lanka is a country that can be ideal for budget travel. Make some wise choices when it comes to flights and accommodations and enjoy a wonderful vacation. A week-long vacation can be done for under Rs 50,000.


It need not be all ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ type! Singapore can be travelled on a budget too. Look for hostels or Airbnb stays. Even if you want to stay in hotels, there are several budget options. Enjoy the beauty of the man-made Gardens by the Bay, stroll through Singapore’s Chinatown and enjoy authentic Chinese food and visit the Buddha Tooth Relic temple. If you want to spend some more, visit Sentosa Island.

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