Vastu for Home Interiors: 10 tips to update your home to boost your travel luck

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science with precise guidelines on how to design your home and the spaces within, that when followed can bring tremendous abundance and prosperity at home. Vastu Shastra impacts not just your well-being at home, but also related aspects of your life, including success at workgood sleep, and financial stability at home. So, can Vastu Shastra help with improving your chances of travelling, for leisure and work? If you have a penchant for travelling or are just looking to broaden your horizons by moving to a foreign destination for higher studies or a job, chances are there might be a few hiccups or hurdles that will prop up along the way. However, here’s the good news: following a few Vastu Shastra guidelines can increase your chances of travelling. After all, travelling can be a great source of healing and happiness, believes Vastu Shastra expert Ashna Ddhannak. Here are a few important Vastu Shastra tips to consider for your home in order to increase your chances of travelling.

Vastu for travel opportunities: 10 home tips to boost your travel luck

Vastu Shastra: 10 Tips to Update Your Home for Better Travel Prospects\

1. The north-west section of your home, which is governed by Vayu Dev (the Wind God), is considered to be the hub of movement, as per Vastu Shastra. Therefore, the north-west section of your home greatly impacts your travel luck, there by inviting opportunities for you to visit new places. Ensure the north-west sector is clutter-free to remove any obstacles that might come in the way of you traveling abroad. Be sure your north-west sector is not missing as it could create roadblocks to travelling, says Ashna Ddhannak.

2. A window in the north-west section is imperative. Allow the flow of fresh air from the north sector if you are aiming to go abroad for higher studies or employment.

Vastu for travel opportunities: 10 home tips to boost your travel luck

3. You could always consider constructing a bay window cabinet in the north-west section of the home to store your suitcases and other travel paraphernalia, including your passport. According to Vastu, this will ensure you travel often.

4. Placing images of places you would like to travel to in the north-west sector could help steer you in that direction.

5. Avoid storing heavy containers and water tanks and constructing the toilet or kitchen in the north-west section of your home as it creates roadblocks to travel.

Vastu for travel opportunities: 10 home tips to boost your travel luck

6. If there has been a delay in the visa procedure or obstacles in travel formalities, try sleeping in the north-west zone with your head facing the west. Ensure there are no doors, windows or mirrors in front or behind you while sleeping.

7. A miniature airplane, train or bus that moves from the north-west to the north will ensure you get to travel frequently, suggests Ashna.

8. To ensure your business trip is a success, carry an image of Lord Kuber. Kuber Yantra is recommended for business, career and professional growth.

Vastu for travel opportunities: 10 home tips to boost your travel luck

9. Not only is the north-west associated with travel, but it is also associated with helpful people. If you want to come across helpful people while travelling, and in everyday life, keep the north-west sector tidy.

10: Hanging a metal wind chime in the north-west section of the home is also considered to be very auspicious for activating the travel luck along with safeguarding the traveller during his journey.

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