Colours at home directly influence colours in your life

One can use some colours and combination of colours at home to ensure that his home offers him growth and peace of mind.

Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal

Do you sometimes wonder why, despites all your hard work and positive intentions, you could not achieve your goal? Or, have you sometimes wished that your future should be full of colours, happiness and joy. Many of you would not know that most of these things that happen in your life get directly influenced by the colours that are around you. Happier colours at home ensure that you are fundamentally happy and bring all those changes in life that can bring joy and happiness. On the contrary, if the colours are unhappy, they do not contribute towards your happiness; instead pull you away from it.

According to Vastu Shastra, life can see many obstacles – personal and professionals problems –  if colours are not properly placed or arranged in our environment, in the way the universe wants them to be. When each colour is in its place and is not in conflict with others, it emanates a positive, happy and blissful energy that brings cheer in one’s life. Every colour creates an atmosphere that directly influences the life of an individual living or working in its proximity. Also, colours, too, have moods that change in accordance to the direction these colours are placed in.

Here is quick guide on how the colours directly influence your life-
• Green – in the form of furniture, furnishing, other movable objects or even the paint of the walls – in East along with yellow in West dispels loneliness; similarly, green becomes a healer in North of North East Vastu zone.
• Green, blue, and bluish-green in the house can stimulate the brain and have power to inspire positive thinking and creativity through fun. When used in East of North East Vastu zone, such colours help in refreshing your mind and soul.
• Likewise, shades of green and yellow at home create a sense of being at peace and wellbeing in life. As per documented Vastu observations, when green colour is used in East coupled with yellow in South West, it fosters interesting and open conversations between family and friends, and can dispel loneliness and depression.
• Grey, which is warm and gentle, when applied in West of South West Vastu zone of the house, it promotes creativity and practise of knowledge. Some tones of blue suggest communication and trust, and particularly in West direction, it leads to creative performance in career. A few lighter shades of red also appear in the intellectual category, as they facilitate optimal performance from a relaxed mind.
• Red, pink, purple and less intense shades of orange are often regarded as colours of love. When applied in small proportion in North of North West, in the bedroom shared by a couple, it ignites a spark in their relationship, ensuring the peaceful married life.

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