Lost Your Debit Card? Here’s How To Block It On Your Own 


Debit cards are now an integral part of our financial life and offer much ease and flexibility when it comes to withdrawing funds from the bank account or making a transaction online. And in a case when you happen to lose your bank debit card, your life almost comes to a standstill and before getting the new card issued for yourself, you are troubled with the task of blocking it. For blocking the debit card, you can either call your bank’s customer care number which is again a cumbersome process due to the waiting period on the phone and the different details such as account number, reasons for loss of debit card, address etc. that are to be provided.

Lost Your Debit Card? Here’s How To Block It On Your Own Or else you have the option to block the debit card yourself, by logging to your net banking account. Below is listed the step-by-step procedure

  • Login to your net banking account giving your user ID and password.
  • Under the ‘e-services’ link, choose the option Block ATM Card under ATM card servicesHerein you need to select the bank account against which you wish to block your debit cum ATM card. First 4 and last 4 digit of your ATM card will flash. Plus there will be a mention of all the cards that are currently active or blocked.
  • Select the debit card which you need to block and click on the submit option after due verification is done.
  • For further confirmation, mode of authentication is to be selected that may be either through profile password or via SMS OTP.
  • After providing profile password or SMS OTP as selected earlier, you need to click on the confirm tab.
  • At the final stage, when you have placed the service request for blocking your ATM card successfully, a ticket or reference number will be generated which has to be noted for future reference and correspondence with the card issuing financial institution.
  • Also, after you secure this ticket number in respect of blocking the ATM card, you can now visit your bank branch to get the new ATM card issued for yourself. Banks then may issue the new ATM card on a hand to hand basis and it might be activated the same day or in a matter of maximum 2 working days.
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