WhatsApp feature updates: Five ways your WhatsApp will get better in 2019

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular chat app, is working overtime to bring several useful features for billions of its users.

The chat app has already introduced several privacy measures to make it safer for its users and take on its nearest rivals like WeChat and Viber in Asia and Facebook’s own Messenger app. At the start of the  year instant messenger brought new features like ‘Frequently Forwaded’, ‘Forwarding Info’ and Group Calling shortcut that allowed you to start group voice and video calls with a simple tap of the button.

WhatsApp is now working on new features to further simplify the life of its users.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that WhatsApp might introduce in the coming months.

Dark Mode for WhatsApp: Dark Mode is the most anticipated feature and can users can’t wait to have it. This mode is already available on other messaging platforms and WhatsApp should have had it by now.  The feature has been under-development for long now and reports suggest that ‘Dark Mode’ might finally see the light in the coming few months.

WhatsApp Hide Muted Status: The Hide Muted Status feature will come with Android beta update 2.19.183 and will give you an option to hide the status updates from specific people from the contact list. The new Hide button is seen right next to the Muted Updates section. Just press the Hide button to make all the muted status updates vanish. You can bring them back by pressing the ‘Show’ button that replaces the ‘Hide’ button to bring the Muted Updates back.

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock: WhatsApp is working on a fingerprint unlocking mechanism for Android phones. The new authorisation method will make third party locking apps, which were very popular, redundant. The fingerprint authentication mechanism will add an extra layer of security as WhatsApp users will have to authenticate themselves every time they open the app. Their are chances that WhatsApp could also bring the Face unlock feature too for the Android users.

Share WhatsApp status: WhatsApp will soon allow its users to share their status posts on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and Google Photos. The transfer of the status is made using the data-sharing API used by iOS and Android. The API lets users share content without linking the accounts. As a security measure, these status posts on WhatsApp won’t get shared automatically and the user will have to decide actively to share the status post.

Ranking of contacts on WhatsApp: WhatsApp will soon bring a feature that will keep your favourite contacts up on top all the time. The ranking feature will automatically rank contacts by detecting which contacts you interact with more.

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