Now, you can create virtual visiting cards in India using new feature by Google: Here is how

Google on Tuesday has launched a new feature that allows users to create virtual visiting cards. Called “people cards”, the feature enables users in India to create their profile on its search engine. These virtual visiting cards will allow users to highlight their existing websites or social media profiles to detail their identity to the public. It uses Google’s Knowledge Graph to display information provided by the users.  

To create these cards, you will have to provide your mobile number and require a Google Account. The feature is only available for mobile users for now. Also, the new experience is available in English only for now, though other languages would be added in the future. 

The feature has only been launched in India so far. The aim is to allow individuals to have a public profile on Google Search that will be displayed on top of all results. It was initially spotted as profile cards in February. 

The users will also have the option to flag abuse, impersonation, or even low-quality content, if they find anything odd through people cards. The search giant is also touting to have a combination of human review and automated techniques in place to flag policy violating content. 

Individuals who have already created their cards on Google have the ability to opt-out of the experience anytime. In case of people who share the same name, Google Search will show multiple modules. 

How to create People Card on Google? 

Sign into your Google Account 

Search for “add me to Search”  

A prompt saying “Add yourself to Google Search” will appear  

Tap the prompt and you’ll be asked to provide your phone number that will be verified through a six-digit unique code to begin the process 

After this, you will get a form to add location as well as brief description about yourself and your occupation. You’ll also get options to add details about your work, education, hometown, websites, and social media profiles.

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