JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial: What is it, how to avail and everything to know

Reliance Jio has announced that all new customers of its JioFiber broadband who activate their service starting from September 1 will be eligible for a 30-day free trial. Jio says its JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial will offer truly unlimited internet to all new customers without any conditions. The last bit is of significance since customers will be free to unsubscribe if they do not like the service (post the trial period) and Jio will take it back “no questions asked.”

So, what is JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial? How can you avail it? Is it only available for new customers? But more importantly, is it free, really? Let us try and break all that down for you.

JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial: what is it?

There is no question that Jio wants to rope in more customers, even as its home broadband service starts reaching more areas. A 30-day free trial of the service means potential customers can essentially test drive Jio’s broadband at some length before deciding to make an investment. It is a genius move from a company that literally started the trend of “freebies” in the Indian telecom market, paving the way for others to join in or face consequences – of reduced traction from customers.

It could not have come at a better time too. With more and more people working from home in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, fast and stable internet is the need of the hour. Even better if you could try it out in advance and make an informed choice. Now that Jio is doing it, hopefully rivals will also think about it.

JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial: how can you avail it?

You know, the usual. Head over to the JioFiber website to check if the service is feasible in your area. Other aspects like plans and how to go about all of it, including booking and installation specifics are also available on the website as well.

Once you express your interest in JioFiber by sharing your name and mobile number, a company representative will reach out to you with further information.

JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial: is it only available for new customers?

The 30-day free trial is not restricted to new customers only. Existing JioFiber customers who onboarded the service between August 15 and August 31 will also get the 30-day free trial benefit as a voucher in the MyJio app.

JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial: is it free, really?

Yes, technically the internet and other benefits you get as part of the JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial, are free. But Jio will charge you a one-time refundable amount of up to Rs 2,500 for the whole process depending on the number of devices you opt for.

Jio is offering two options here. A trial that includes a modem and 4K set top box will cost Rs 2,500. There is also a Rs 1,500 option wherein you will only get the modem.

  • JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial with modem and 4K set top box: Rs 2,500 (refundable)
  • JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial with modem only: Rs 1,500 (refundable)

JioFiber broadband 30-day free trial: what all do you get?

Jio is offering some really attractive benefits to rope in more customers to its home broadband service (as also, trying to retain existing ones) in addition to free internet.

The 30-day free trial of JioFiber will come bundled with a 4K set top box with access to top 10 paid OTT apps at no additional cost (optional). Customers will also get free voice calling anywhere in India. As for the internet, Jio will offer “truly unlimited” internet at a speed of 150 Mbps for a month during the trial period.

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