Planning to hire a bank locker? This is what you must know

There are several important things you should check and consider before you take a bank locker.

Having a bank locker can be a secure way to store valuable items and important documents. Making sure that that your transactions related to the locker are private and confidential is extremely important. In case you have any privacy concerns, do not hesitate to discuss with the bank staff. You must also know how often you will need to access the locker. Frequent access might be inconvenient if the bank’s access hours are limited.

Ensure that any documents stored in the locker are properly protected from damage or deterioration. Consider using protective envelops to avoid any damage. There are several important things you should check and consider before you take a bank locker. Here is what all you must check.

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Bank Location

Check if the bank has lockers available for rent and if the branch is convenient for you to access. Not all branches offer locker facilities.

Locker Size

Choose a locker size that suits your needs. Banks typically offer various sizes, ranging from small to large. Assess what items you plan to store and select a size accordingly.


Even if a branch offers lockers, there may be a waiting list due to high demand. Inquire about availability and the estimated wait time.

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Understand the rental charges for the locker, including the annual fee. Different banks may have varying charges based on locker size and location.


You must understand that you are taking a locker in the bank to secure your valuable items of documents which can be more important than any other items. Therefore, you must ensure that you opt for a bank that ensure the safety of your possessions in the locker.

Adhil Shetty, CEO,, says, “Bank lockers provide a high level of security against theft. Banks invest in advanced security measures to protect the contents of lockers. You must opt for a locker that is easily accessible to you and read the terms and conditions of the usage to avoid any confusion.”

Access Hours

This is one of the key things when it comes to using your locker. You must inquire about the bank’s locker access hours. Some branches may have limited access, while others offer extended hours for convenience.

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Lock and Key

Ensure that the locker comes with a reliable lock and key mechanism. It’s essential to have a secure locking system for your items. Your locker should be accessible to you and should be opened only in your presence in case of need.

Access Rights

Confirm who has access rights to the locker. Typically, only the primary and joint account holders have access, and they must be present together to access the locker.

Nominee Information

Provide details of a nominee who can access the locker in case of your absence or unfortunate events. Keep this information up to date.


Read and understand the locker agreement provided by the bank. Pay attention to terms and conditions, including the bank’s liability in case of theft or damage.

Surrender Process

If you decide to surrender the locker, follow the bank’s procedures for closure. Ensure that you remove all items and return the locker keys.

Shetty adds, “A bank locker offers peace of mind, knowing that your important documents, jewellery, and other valuables are stored in a secure environment. Banks ensure compliance and follow regulatory requirements for the safekeeping of your valuable assets.”

The bank locker can safeguard valuable possessions. However, you must ensure the security of your belongings by opting for reputed banks so that your valuables are safe and easy to access.

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