Viral Video Shows Woman’s Belly Dance on Moving Train And Internet Just Wants it to Stop

Viral video: Woman’s dance on moving train fails to impress internet.

Trains have transformed into more than just a mode of transportation; they’ve evolved into entertaining hubs.

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From fights and fashion shows to, believe it or not, impromptu dance performances! The abundance of content, albeit at the expense of comfort, is undeniable when this peculiar trend gains momentum. Adding to this spectacle, a recent video has emerged on the internet showcasing a woman engaging in a dance routine that rivals a pole or belly dance, all while the train is in motion.

Dressed in a black crop top and pants, she maneuvers through the aisle and even climbs atop seats, all while dancing to the beats of ‘Baby Marvake Maanegi’ by Raftaar.

Naturally, the video has sparked a medley of funny reactions, with passengers grappling to reconcile their expectations of a peaceful journey with this unexpected, unrequired performance art.

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This incident isn’t a lone act; it joins a growing trend of unconventional train performances. Jaya Jerry, a renowned dancer, faced backlash for a video on her Instagram, where she energetically danced to the Bhojpuri hit song, “Saj Ke Sawar Ke,” with a friend. As they danced amidst sleeping passengers in the aisle seats, many criticised Jaya for causing disturbance to fellow commuters.

The days of trains as sanctuaries for hassle-free journeys seem like a bygone era, don’t you think?

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