BHIM app is giving up to Rs 750 cashback offers, here is how to claim


The BHIM payments app is currently giving cashback offers of up to Rs 750 and people just have a few weeks to claim them. The move is likely to attract more users to the platform with cashback offers, a strategy that Google Pay initially followed to gain a big user base. Before we have a look at the details, it is important to keep in mind that 2 different cashback offers combined give you Rs 750 money to your bank only if you avail both by fulfilling the conditions. There is an additional 1 percent cashback offer. Here are the details.

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Flat Rs 150 + Rs 600 cashback offers, here is how to claim

For people who like dining out or travelling, the BHIM app is giving them a flat cashback offer of Rs 150. Users will receive a flat Rs 30 cashback on transactions exceeding Rs 100 for food and travel expenses done via the BHIM app. This offer includes a wide range of expenditures including railway ticket bookings, cab rides, and restaurant bills paid via the merchant UPI QR code. With a maximum cashback cap of Rs 150, users will have to claim this offer at least five times to earn the mentioned amount (provided they meet the transaction criteria).

There is another Rs 600 cashback offer, which Rupay credit cardholders can claim by linking it to the BHIM App. This will let users unlock a cashback reward of Rs 600 on all merchant UPI payments. The offer includes Rs 100 cashback on the first three transactions exceeding Rs 100 each, followed by an additional Rs 30 cashback on the subsequent 10 transactions exceeding Rs 200 each month. All these offers will in total give you Rs 600 cashback only if you do all these transactions.

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1 percent Cashback on Fuel Payments

In addition to the above, the BHIMaApp is also offering the Urja 1 percent scheme. This will give users a flat 1 percent cashback on all fuel payments, including petrol, diesel, and CNG. Apart from this, the benefit is also available on utility bill payments such as electricity, water, and gas bills, provided the transaction amount is Rs 100 or more. One will get cashback directly to their primary bank account linked to the BHIM app.

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What to keep in mind

These cashback offers on BHIM App are up for grabs until March 31, 2024. This basically means that people are getting more than 7 weeks of time to claim all the above-mentioned cashback offers using the BHIM app. It is currently unknown whether the platform plans to extend this offer.

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