Section 144 In Delhi For A Month: Are Weddings, Other Events Allowed?

Farmers protest Delhi borders close Traffic Police issues advisory

Delhi Police has said non-compliance of the Section 144 order will attract criminal prosecution

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New Delhi: 

Determined to prevent any law and order situation due to the mega farmers’ march tomorrow, Delhi Police today clamped prohibitory orders for a month, banning public processions and bringing several other restrictions.

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Here’s a look at what is allowed and what is not

  • Any form of protest rally or public meeting with more than five people stands prohibited unless there is specific permission. Any march for political, social or any other purpose is barred.
  • The order says no tractor trolleys or trucks transporting people or materials, especially those carrying sticks or any items that can be used as a weapon of violence, shall be allowed to enter Delhi.
  • The order also bars collecting or carrying any form or explosives, boulders, acid, petrol, sodawater bottles or any item that can be used to cause danger to anyone.
  • Wedding and funeral processions and religious rallies are allowed as long as they are organised after permission from authority concerned. But the use of any amplifier or loudspeaker on any private vehicle or building or a public area is prohibited unless specifically allowed.
  • The order adds that vehicles moving between Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi will be thoroughly inspected at checkpoints. It also says the dissemination of any provocative slogan or message through verbal, written or electronic means will be considered unlawful.

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Delhi Police has said non-compliance of the order will attract criminal prosecution under Section 188, relating to disobedience of an order issued by a public servant.

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