How EPFO’s Unified Portal & UAN Can Help Employees


You can update your KYC information for EPF online using UAN EPFO portal. In order to update or change your KYC detail on UAN EPFO portal, you require UAN credential.

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a savings vehicle that many salaried people have. The investment in it happens automatically. With the launch of EPFO’s unified portal, using its various services has become less tedious. Further, the services available on the portal, like online PF claims, are in line with the organisation’s aim to go paperless. To avail different facilities, one has to access the ‘Member Unified portal’ of the EPFO. One may log on to as well and then click on ‘Member UAN/Online services’.

Before you are able to start using the services on the ‘Member Unified portal’, you need –

i.) UAN and,
ii.) The UAN must be activated.

Here is how to generate UAN
Either your employer gives you the UAN or you can generate one on your own. Click here to know how to generate UAN.

Here is how to activate UAN
Once you have the UAN, you need to activate it. To activate it, the member should visit the EPFO unified member portal at click on the tab “Activate UAN”. By entering UAN, name, date of birth, and mobile number, an authorisation PIN is generated. The UAN gets activated once this PIN is entered and authenticated.

Let us now look at some of the common services available on the EPFO’s Member Unified portal.

1) Updating you PF account’s KYC
Once logged in, you can update the know-your-customer (KYC) documents and get them approved from your employer. Input your Aadhaar and PAN numbers and bank account details. Other KYC details that can be entered includes passport, driving license, and election card. Once approved, the claim process becomes easier. This is because only KYC that is verified using Aadhaar or PAN and which is digitally approved will be considered for availing any any services on the portal.

2) Link UAN to Aadhaar
Although it is still not mandatory for one to link their UAN to Aadhaar, doing so can make life simpler and the claims settlement process can be a breeze. There are three ways to link UAN to Aadhaar, provided the UAN is active.

3) Online claims
For transfer and withdrawing claim settlement, the Aadhaar-based online claim submission process on the unified portal will come handy. As an employee, you need to have the UAN. Further, the KYC (Aadhaar and bank details) against their UAN should have been seeded and the present employer should have approved/verified the e-KYC.

To know the online claim process, click here. If, however, your establishment is an exempted PF trust, you need to should have been seeded and the present employer should have approved/verified the e-KYC.

4) View Passbook
One’s passbook is not available at the ‘unified portal.’ To view it, one has to access and under ‘Our Services’, click on ‘For Employees’ and then on ‘ Member Passbook’. Click here to know the process to access one’s passbook.

5) View profile details
Check whether name, date of birth, father’s name and other information is correct. If there are errors, they can be rectified. Click here to know the process.

6) E-nominations
One need not send a physical form to the employer to register nomination in one’s PF account. Now, the portal also allows e-nomination facility for filing nomination form by the member online. Any member having an Aadhaar seeded UAN, can avail this functionality which is independent from the employer.


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