5 new ways companies are hiring employees now

An impressive CV, good references and flawless track record may not be enough to get you a job. Employers are now meeting, assessing and finalising prospective employees via new ways.

Here are five new selection methodologies that are becoming increasingly popular with recruiters.

Video interviews

A global electronics giant does not entertain any resumes or personal meetings with prospective employees. When recruiting, they assess people based on skills mentioned on their public profiles and send them invitation for a video interview. The prospective employee can submit a video describing himself, his present job and career aspirations within a stipulated time frame. The impressive ones are called for another round of video interview.

Checking digital footprints

One talent acquisition firm has developed an algorithm that helps companies hire candidates based on their digital footprints. That way, it can gauge an employee much before they plan to meet or speak to him about the job. A social profile does throw light on the kind of person coming on board.

Coding contests

You have probably wondered about the success of codeathons and hackathons. The verdict is that people who participate in these contests up their skills and improve their chances of being promoted immensely.

Live projects for screening

A media startup tried this new hiring technique recently. It gave candidates actual tasks instead of doing a screening interview. The company gave them a set of editorial projects to be completed within a stipulated time and then tested the output among its readers. Works of candidates who triggered the maximum user engagement were selected for further rounds of interviews.


Some electronic product manufacturers regularly call college students to try their new products and also amplify about their usage among fellow students. A camera manufacturer’s India unit regularly approaches college students for this programme. In the beginning the only reward for the students is to get hands on access to new gadgets. Gradually the ones who have a knack for the stream and are seriously interested in the products are considered for ad-hoc positions in the company.

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